About Zemerl

Zemerl means "song" in Yiddish, and zemerl.org is a database of Jewish songs. It was created by Inna Barmash in the Spring of 1999, with the goal of developing a comprehensive database of information, lyrics, and sounds of Jewish songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino, and other languages.

Years and hundreds of thousands visitors later, Zemerl is 1000+ songs strong, and has helped many people all over the world find their favorite songs, discover new gems, and connect with other lovers of Jewish music.

In 2020, the Zemerl website received a code update and fresh coat of paint by Dan Kurtz, and is now ready for Jewish music in the 21st century!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Song Information Can I Find On Zemerl?

    Song listings include a title, composer, lyricist, the original language a song was written in, original lyrics, translated English lyrics, and notes. Songs can also have links to recordings of the song on YouTube or other sites.

  • How Can I Help?

    Glad you asked! The best way to help is to add songs to the database, or to clean up existing songs. We also invite anyone with software development skills (including interface design and project management) to work on the site itself. Email us if you want more information. Don't be shy!

  • Why Does It Ask For My Name and Email When I Make Changes?

    We don't display your name and email publicly. It's just so we can keep track of who made what changes to the site, and so we can reach you if needed. We don't sell your personal information or any of that mishegass.

  • I Found A Song That Should Be Taken Off The Site.

    Email us and let us know.