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23 Psalm Dan Coulthard Me English The singer sings the words in the backround as the Psalm is recitrd. The music is a classical piece. Very moving. It is from a CD titled American Jew put out on the Sidtrea Label. The recording artist is Jeff Jann
A Bisl Libe, Und a Bisele Glik Joseph Rumshinsky Molly Picon Yiddish clip here from Rebecca West's <a href=
A Brivele Der Mamen Solomon Smulewitz Solomon Smulewitz Yiddish One version is on the CD "The Best Yiddish Songs" by Tzipi Zarenkin.
A Chasene Tants Ellstein chosn Yiddish From Theodore Bikel sings Yiddish Theatre and Folk Songs I would like to
A Chazandl Oyf Shabes Traditional Traditional Yiddish A great humorous song about men who are married to their work. Cantor Seymour Rockoff, currently in Harrisburg PA has recorded a more modern version of the song-- still in Yiddish-- featuring a radiologist, a dentist,and an 'entertainer' as the congregants.
A Din Toire Mit Got (A Judgement of God) Rev Levi Yitskhok Rev Levi Yitskhok English Also known as Kaddish Of Levi Yitskhok There's another verse, which ends with "yisgadal and yisbarach shemo raba" I believe there's a Jan Peerce recording which includes that.
A Dudele Reb Levi Yitskhok Reb Levi Yitskhok Yiddish THIS IS THE NEVEL/RUSSIA VERSION link to hear the song + an explanation:
A Fidler shmuel tsesler Yiddish shmuel tsesler was born in zabludov-polin in 1904,before the war he went to argentina and started a family there with his wife sara-ethel miller.he was my grandfather and he was a tsadik as far as i'm concern.i loved him very much and he was one of the people that made my childhood a wonderfull dream.he wrote 5 children's songs books. betina [email protected]
A Finf-Un-Tsvantsiger Trad. Theodore Bikel Yiddish From - Theodore Bikel Sings Yiddish Theatre & Folk Songs
A Glezele Lekhayim Traditional B. Bergholz Yiddish
A Heymisher Bulgar Abraham Ellstein Abraham Ellstein Hebrew This clip is from one of Itzkhak Perlman's klezmer CDs, Live in the Fiddler's House
A Jewish Odyssey CD Album, PUT182-2 ISBN 1587590328 11 songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino: "Di Goldene Pave" (Chava Alberst
A La Nana (Lullaby) Ladino clip here from recording Sleep My Child "A la nona, y a la buba, Se durme la criatura. El Dio grande ke los guadre, A los ninos de los males"
A La Una Yo Naci Traditional Joaquin diaz Judeo-spanish clip here from Judy Frankel's recording Tresoros Sephardis Sung by Joaquin Diaz in "Canciones sefardies". This is an old ballad that has travelled a great deal. Before the Inquisition chased out the marranos (the jews converted in 1478) the second line of the romance was changed to "A los dos me baptisaron". Only when the jews found peace in Holland or the Ottoman Emire, did the second line recover its original phrasing [from the booklet to a CD by Francoise Atlan].
A Libe Iz An Umglik Yiddish Jacob Schaefer has done an arrangement of this.
A Meydele, A Yingele Mikhl Gelbart Mikhl Gelbart Russian Clips at:
A Nigndl Yiddish There is a Hebrew translation to this song and we used to sing it 55 years ago here in Israel. HINE LANU NIGUN YESH HAVA NENAGNENU Bo NASHIRA BO NAZKIRA HAIAMIM HAHEM> KI OTO OD SHARU ACHEINU ACHIOTEINU 2X BEODAM OD YELADIM HIU HINE KACHA ZEHU HANIGUN SHEL NACHAT UVEKETSEV UVEKETSEV BOU YACHAD HINE KACHA ZEHU HANIGUN SHEL NACHAT and the last line I forgot to my great shame Yael [email protected] Words and music by Nachum Sternheim. Another recording was made by Robin
A Pastechl Yiddish My thanks to Inna Barmash for directing me to the words of what was a long-lost song. My father, born in Lodz, Poland, in 1906, migrated to Australia in 1938. He had a wonderful tenor voice and was always singing ( when not attending meetings and other political commitments!). This was one of the songs he sang, but I don't remember him singing more than the first verse and the chorus. As I recall, his version of the refrain was re-worded (he often did this) into a mixture of Polish, singing language and Yiddish: thus 'Bida, bidu, as is nisht du/ Yakzhe ya a do-o-mu. (I think domu or something like it means 'home' in Polish.) I wish i could hear him sing it again... Many thanks, June Factor
A Pintale Trad Theodore Bikel Yiddish Right Chassidic Dynasty - Wrong Rebbe. The song refers to the first Chabad Rebbe - Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. The surname Schneerson was not used until Rabbi Shneur Zalman's Grandson - The Tzemach Tzedek, and by that time they lived in Lubavitch.
A Purim Lid A. Goldfaden M. Rivesman English This is a Yiddish song, with transliteration using the Roman alphabet. It
A Tamganeydndiker Nign (A Heavenly Tune), also A Freylicher Shnayder (A Happy Tailor) TRADITIONAL Josef Kerler Yiddish
A Yiddish Meydl Darf a Yidishn Boy Alexander Olshanetsky Jacob Jacobs Yiddish I beleive that the first line ends with yingl, and not "boy." I am from New York (just returned from a visit there) but live in Israel now. It might be of interest to you that a large group of people meet here in Haifa, about six times a year, every other month, and with a musical accompaniment sing Yiddish songs, many of which, I, who used to listen with my parents to WEVD radio, never heard of. Unfortunately I haven't seen anyone under 40 there. I insisted that both my daughters take a course in Yiddish (given at that time at Queens college in NYC. A Yiddish actress (Miriam Kressen) gave the course, but it didn't help. I believe they still understand Yiddish to some extent; my parents spoke only Yiddish. The way things are going it is a terrible loss, but probably inevitable.As you may know, in the States many of the instructors in colleges that offer Yiddish are not Jews. theI believe that the first line ends with yingl, and not "boy." I am fr
A Yor Nokh Mayn Khassene Rheingold Yiddish
A Zemerl - Lomir Ale Zingen Traditional Traditional Yiddish 15th December, 2001 We changed beigele to dare shkorinke (dry crust).
A la nana Traditional Traditional Ladino A beautiful lullaby; You can listen to a sample of this and others at www.
A vaybele a tsnie bagelman sisters Isidor Lillian Yiddish The Bagelman Sisters have recorded this in early 40-ies, I believe 1942 wi
A yor nokh mayn khasene Isaac Reingold Isaac Reingold Yiddish here's a page with more info about this song: ht tp://
Abanibi obohebev (I love you in Pig Latin) gali Hebrew (from a site on Israeli Eurovision songs) Izhar Cohen and his great song "Abanibi" gave Israel the taste of victory in the Eurovision for the first time. "Abanibi" beat all the other songs in France 1978 and gave Israel the first victory. The chorus of the song uses a special and secret language kids use ("B-speak") when they don't want the grown ups to understand what they are saying. "A-Ba-Ni-Bi" means "Ani", the hebrew word for "I" and the rest of the chorus is, of course, "Love You". You can find the full real audio clip of this song here
Abenamar Spanish This version tells of the Arabian prince Abenamar and of king Juan II of Castille. The romance was originally sung in Arabic.
Abi Gezunt Abraham Ellstein Molly Picon Yiddish Verse 1 A bisl zun, a bisl regn A ruik ort dem kop tsu leygn Abi gezunt k
Achtsik Er Un Zibetshik Zi (Eighty He and Seventy She) Mark M. Warshavsky (1840-1907) Mark M. Warshavsky (1840-1907) Yiddish There is an alternative version with different 2-5 verses which can be found in the Mir Trogn A Gesang anthology of Jewish song. Bikel sings a version with other verses in his early Yidish album
Ad Bli Dai Yiddish
Adam Sandler's Passover Song adam sandler Holocaust- General English
Adesa mame reinhold Gliere Peysekhe Burstein Russian This song is anthologized on the LP "Masterworks of the Yiddish Theatre, Vol 1" (Greater Recording Co. GRC 64[1965]). Aaron Lebedeff recorded a different song with the same name.
Adio Querida (Goodbye My Love) verdi Ladino clip here from Judy Frankel's Stairway of Gold Sung also by Ofra Haza in the soundtrack of the film "The Governess". Based on Addio del passato from Verdi's La Traviata.
Adir Hu adem stanler Hebrew clip here from <a href=" bin/SoftCart.exe/
Adir Kevodo/Mipi El the pin panther Hebrew
Adir Kevodo/Mipi El the pin panther Hebrew
Adir kevodo/Mipi El Sephardic English from" Holiday songs in the sephardic heritage" by Chaim Parchi www.artmuz
Adon HaSlichot Hebrew
Adon Olam adon olam English This is a poem most often attributed to Rabbi Shlomo ibn Gabirol, the great poet of 11th-Century Spain. These words have probably been sung to thousands different melodies. Here's an amusing web page that lists the surprising range of songs these lyrics could fit: /figmo/Olamni/.
Adonai S'Fatay Liturgy Hebrew THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks.
Adoshem, Adoshem Lewandowski Hebrew THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowl
Af, Peh, Ozen Jeff Klepper Jeff Klepper Hebrew clip here from a <a href= cgi- bin/SoftCart.exe
Agadelcha Hebrew This is a song from the sephardic tradition. I haven't yet found an Eng
Ah Cholim (?) Yiddish Childhood memories
Ah Succelah a Kleina Yiddish I heard this song on JM in the AM: Norman Laster played two versions on his Friday morning program 9/28. It is in their recording archive as follows: Go to the "listen to archives" link, choose the September 28, 2001 streaming audio file, and then move the slider to the time: 1:27:29 to find the begining of the song. Here is my attempt at the lyrics. I don't know too much Yiddush so I was just sounding out the words. Perhaps you can clean them up. Thanks for your web page! Category is Holidays, Succos
Ahava nurit hirsh david barak Hebrew
Ahavat Olam Minton (from evening liturgy) Hebrew here is a page about this prayer: THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. Audio link isn't working. Sorry to report... Bummer, too.
Ain't gonna work on Saturday Rabbi Silverman Same English I once was an explorer, to africa I went, when shabbos hungry lions, came zooming round my tent! My assistant grabbed my rifle, go goomber shoot those pests but instead I invited them to be my shabbos guests!
Al Chalone unknown n/a Hebrew I learned this song at Beth Jacob Yeshivah for Girls on Eastern Parkway, Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. Rabbi and Rebitzen Levy ran the school. I attended there from about 1946 to 1953. It sounds like a lullaby melody, very memorable. Yet I've never heard the words or melody since then from any other source, and I don't keep in touch with my former classmates since moving to Quincy, MA in 1974.
Al Deredor De La Mi Cama Judeo-spanish Bar none this is the song that epitomizes hopelessness. And it has the pathos of an Almodovar movie too, which proves to show how modern some of these ladino texts are. Category 'Songs of despair'? TRANSLATION OF SECOND VERSE: They made a white robe for me, but I depart without using it ('estrenar' means 'to use something for the first time')
Al Hanisim Hebrew clpi here from "Listen Up! A Cappella" CD Al Hanisim THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks.
Al Shlosha D'varim Allan E. Naplan Hebrew usually sung after reading the Torah on Saturday morning This is an am
Al Tir'uni Hebrew (from <a href=>MIT folk dance c
Al kol eyle Naomi Shemer Naomi Shemer Hebrew
Ale Brider Winchevsky, Morris (1856-1932) Yiddish A great family song! <p>The clip featured here is from the CD <a href
Ale Mentshn Zaynen Brider (Hymn to Joy - 9th Symphony) English
Aleh Neri Chaim Parchi Sh. Shalom English from "Chanukah Songs" by Chaim Parchi
Aleih Neiri (Rise Up, My Light) Cahim Parchi Sh.Shalom Hebrew
Aleinu (It is our duty) Liturgy English clip here from Shabbat Workshop THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. . . . I was under the impression that Salomon Sulzer composed Aleinu...Is this a
All Ladino
Almonds & Raisins Yiddish
Alta alta va la luna Traditional Traditional Judeo-spanish A Turkish Sephardic Love-Song The song is attributed to the singer Isaac "Cacum" Pasarel [due to the booklet to a CD by Bienvenida Aguado and Dora Gerassi].
Amerika The Beautiful skeeter,davis ? Yiddish
Amerike (America - My Country 'Tis of Thee) Samuel Francis Smith (English) English The Yiddish version of the American song "My Country 'Tis of Thee"
Amerike di Prekhtike (America the Beautiful) Katherine Lee Beyts (in English) English
Amol iz geven a meise Yiddish The clip featured here is from a beautiful CD <a href="http://www.jewish
An Emese Eyshes Khael as sung by Barry Sisters Yiddish Eyshes-khayel, mi yimtso? (Proverbs 31:10) (This link doesn't exist anymore: )
An Emeseh Ayshes Chayil as sung by Barry Sisters Yiddish This song may be heard on two compilation of the Barry Sisters: "The Barry Sisters: Their Greatest Yiddish Hits", Legacy International Records; "The Barry Sisters", Banner Records. Anyone have a translation?
Anachnu Me Oto HaKfar Naomi Shemer Naomi Shemer Hebrew
Anashim Tovim Naomi Shemer Naomi Shemer Hebrew Naomi Shemer's songs are available in Hebrew, with sheet music, in 4 song books she put out: All My Songs/Kol HaShirim; Book No. 2/Sefer Bet; Book No. 3/Sefer Gimmel and Book No. 4/Sefer Daled.
Anatevka (from Fiddler on the Roof) Bock tog ayn tog oys French
And Thou Shalt Love Debbie Friedman Liturgy English Produced by Sounds Write Productions, Inc. and clip here from Debbie Friedman's Live at the Del Friedman
And the Angels Sing English
And the Youth Shall See Visions Debbie Friedman Text: Based on Gen. 12:1-2 English clip from Debbie Friedman's recording <a href="
Ani Ma'amin Maimonides, the Rambam Maimonides the Rambam Hebrew This Hebrew song, written in the Twelfth Century, is by Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, also known as Maimonides, who was a great religious philosopher. His Talmudic Psalm Number Twelve from The Articles of Faith, entitled, "Ani Ma'amin," (I Believe) was later sung by many Jews during the Holocaust, even as they entered the gas chambers. Maimonides' descendants clung to his words for hope for the future and for humankind. In real audio:
Ani Maamin YOSSI GREEN Maimonides Hebrew This song is made from one of Maimonides' (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon == "The
Ani Maamin YOSSI GREEN Maimonides Hebrew This song is made from one of Maimonides' (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon == "The
Ani Notea Shkeidiya lotre dprrey Hebrew
Ani Ohev Otach English THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. . . .
Ani Purim L. Kipnis Hebrew Ani Purim, ani Purim Sameach umvadeach Halo rak paam bashana Avo lehitareach La la la Heydad Purim, heydad Purim Haku tof umtziltayim Hoi mi yiten uva Purim Lechodesh lechodshayim la la la rabi Purim, rabi Purim, Emor na li madua, Madua lo yachol purim Paamayim beshavua La la la Have a Joyful and Happy Purim all over... Wishes from Israel...
Ani VeAta Arik Einstein & Micki Gavrielov Hebrew Me and you, we will change the world, Me and you, then all will follow. Others have already said it, before me, never mind. Me and you, we will change the world. Me and you, we will change from the start. It will be hard. Never mind, it's not that bad. Others have said before, but that does not matter Me and you, we will change the world. I and you, we will change the world, I and you, then all will readily follo
Anytime of the Year (to the tune of bashana haba'ah) Nurit Hirsch Robert Brittan Hebrew It's a fun song to sing. The choir I am in sang this song and it's a very good song that people enjoy.
Aquaqua Hipo Hebrew
Arbetslosen marsch - Song of the unemployed Gebirtig Gebirtig Yiddish music here: <a href= Target="_bl
Areshet Sfateynu moza254 Hebrew Sung after the blowing of the shofar THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. . . . An image of the hazzan singing this song appears in a Yiddish ms., dated around 1503, produced in Northern Italy.
Artza Alinu Hebrew The clip featured here is the instrumental rendition of the song from CD Maze l Tov!by Neshoma Orchestra.
Arum dem Fayer (Around the Fire) Yiddish ...This is the translation I was taught when I was frist taught the song as a child. It may not be word-for-word accurate, but I believe it conveys the spirit of the piece.- A visitor ...this is one of the first Yiddish songs I learned (inna, zemerl's creator)
Arvoles lloran Big Boy mis ojos lloran por ti Spanish This is a popular song about not responded love. "The trees are weeping fo
Arvolicos d4almendra Judeo-spanish clip here by <a href=
Asentada en mi ventana Judeo-spanish This love song was sung in the Ottoman Empire, e.g. in Edirne. There is an overlap with the song "Mama yo no visto". The text is from a CD by Francoise Atlan.
At Khaki Li A. Shlonsky, S. Dror, K. Simonov (Russian) Russian (from a site visitor:) As an Israeli expat I hold this song dear because it is a harrowingly good example of Israel's very nearly violent sense of beholdenness to its fallen, this sense personified in the ghostly exhortation of the missing warrior. This is one of my favorite songs from what the Russians call the "Great Patriotic War." The composer was Matvei Blanter, a Soviet Jewish songwriter (he also wrote the music to "Katyusha"). . .
At Khaki li (Wait for Me) A. Shlonski K. Simonov Russian See alternate entry for a more accurate transliteration. This is the Hebrew version of the Russian song "Zhdi menya i ya vernus'" (Wait for me, and I'll come back.) Clip featured here from a 11-CD set of Hebrew songs "We Grew Up Together"
Atoor Meetzkhekh Yoni Rechter Avraham Khalfi Hebrew
Atsey Zeytim Omdim Hebrew clip here from Judy Caplan Ginsburg's <a href="
Avadim Hayinu ? From Hagada Italian Je suis disespiri pour trouver le lyrique de yiddish pour des chansons prifiries. Svp aide. Henry Jacoby, [email protected]
Avinu Malkeinu Max Janowski Hebrew
Avinu Malkeynu English The lyrics of this beautiful High Holidays prayer are here as sung by Barbara Streisand. "Sung during Rosh Ha' Shanah (the Jewish New Year), "Avinu Malkeinu" ("Our Father, Our King") is a supplication to God to treat us with kindness and generosity, even when we haven't always lived up to His ideals for us. The melody I sing here is so beautiful, surely the hand of God touched the composer." More at thissite: