Al Chalone



Hebrew Lyrics

Ahl chalone, ahl chalone, umdoor tzepore yawfaw,
Yeled rutz el tzepore. Tzepore awfaw, awfaw.
Bokeh yeled, bokeh. Ayay tzepore yawfaw?
Ain tzepore ahl chalone. Tzepore awfaw, awfaw.


On the window, on the window stands a pretty bird.
The boy runs to the bird. The bird flies away, flies away.
Cry, the boy cries. Where is the pretty bird?
No bird is on the window. The bird flies away, flies away.

I learned this song at Beth Jacob Yeshivah for Girls on Eastern Parkway, Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. Rabbi and Rebitzen Levy ran the school. I attended there from about 1946 to 1953. It sounds like a lullaby melody, very memorable. Yet I've never heard the words or melody since then from any other source, and I don't keep in touch with my former classmates since moving to Quincy, MA in 1974.


Added April 23rd, 2000