A Bisl Libe, Und a Bisele Glik Joseph Rumshinsky Molly Picon Yiddish clip here from Rebecca West's <a href=
A La Nana (Lullaby) Ladino clip here from recording Sleep My Child "A la nona, y a la buba, Se durme la criatura. El Dio grande ke los guadre, A los ninos de los males"
A la nana Traditional Traditional Ladino A beautiful lullaby; You can listen to a sample of this and others at www.
Ad Bli Dai Yiddish
Al Chalone unknown n/a Hebrew I learned this song at Beth Jacob Yeshivah for Girls on Eastern Parkway, Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. Rabbi and Rebitzen Levy ran the school. I attended there from about 1946 to 1953. It sounds like a lullaby melody, very memorable. Yet I've never heard the words or melody since then from any other source, and I don't keep in touch with my former classmates since moving to Quincy, MA in 1974.
Almonds & Raisins Yiddish
Amol iz geven a meise Yiddish The clip featured here is from a beautiful CD <a href="http://www.jewish
Bay dem Shtetl Shteyt a Shtibl Rozental, Zalmen (1889-1959) moyfess is not a Yiddish word and neither is set to Zie ois Yiddish
Desde Hoy, La Mi Madre old Spanish-Sephardic folk tune Judeo-spanish The song is addressed by a future bride to her mother. The young woman, wh
Durme, Durme Ladino <i>Durme durme izhiko de Madre</i> <br> clip here sung by <a href="http:
Durme, Durme, Hermosa Donzella Judeo-spanish ther is mor words of that song- * hay doz anyos, ke sufre mi alma por ti
Eil le lu lu folk? ? German I learnt this song years ago - i think from someone singing it here in Melbourne (Australia) - though not when i was a child. It's mournful melody speaks volumes about the suffering behind the simple words.
Goldene Land trad trad Yiddish
L'chi Lach CRAIG TAUBMAN Debbie Friedman & Savina Teubal English Produced by SoundsWrite productions in San Diego. I found lyrics while putting together a service for my daughter's bat mitzvah which will be Nov 10, 2001. I have several of Debbie's CDs. She' great. Lots of audio links here:
Layla (hebrew) M. Zeira N. Alterman Hebrew g??@l?atured here is from the CD Sleep My Child Composer and Lyricist information from liner notes "A Legacy of Lullabies" by Tanja Solnik
Lluba Les Yeux Noirs (traditional) Yiddish Would appreciate Yiddish lyrics and English translation. Heard on Les Yeux Noirs CD's Balamouk, Live.
Miserlou Traditional Miriam Kressyn Yiddish This song is exotic, moving, and beautiful. The tune's origins lie in the Middle East and the Yiddish words infuse it with wonderful sensitivity.
Nor a Mame (Only a Mother) David Einhorn (1886-1973) Yiddish You can find a page devoted to this song here:
Numi Numi Joel Engel Hebrew (comments from another user): I know this song with Yiddish lyrics (my grandmother sang it to me) and would like to find a Yiddish version to buy or at least see the lyrics of. They went like this: "Lu li, lu li, klaynike, lu li lu li lu. Lu li, lu li, shaynike, lu li lu li lu. Dayn tateh iz in feld avek..." I can't remember the rest. Anyone know where to find this? I found it in Hebrew on a recording by Tanja Solnik.
Raisins & almonds Goldfaden, Abraham unknown English My mothers' mother sang it to her-she taught and sang it to me-Isang it
Rojinkes mit Mandlen Goldfaden Goldfaden Yiddish This is one of the most popular lullabies, expressing a mother's hopes for her little Yidele. Abraham Goldfaden wrote this song as part of his operetta Shulamis in 1880. Here's a singable English version of the first verse: Under baby s cradle in the night Stands a goat so soft and snowy white The goat will go to the market To bring you wonderful treats He ll bring you raisins and almonds Sleep, my little one, sleep. The clip below is Here is another recording of this song by Janice Rubin: Click here. Click here to buy Janice Rubin's recording "Feels like Family". Another recording of this song from the beautiful CD "The Best Yiddish Songs" by Tzipi Zarenkin, click here to listen to the clip.
Shlof Mayn Kind Sholem Aleichem Yiddish The clip here is from Tanja Solnik's wonderful recording Generation to Generation - Legacy Lullabies
Shlof Mine Kind, Shlof Keseyder Weisgall, Hugo Yiddish You can view the song text in Yiddish here: <a href="http://www.cs.uky.ed
Shlof, Mayn Tokhter (Sleep, My Daughter) English The clip featured here is from the CD <a href="
Shluf Mayn Feygele Hebrew This song can be found in a book called "A Treasury of Jewish Folklore". Sent in in response to a request for lyrics to this song for a baby naming ceremony. This song is the Ei Lu Lu from above I think. My grandmother sang it to me often. Kindermusik uses the English translation in their infant program. I am adding it. A recording of this lullabye can be found on an album by the Malavsky Family, re-issued on CD as "The Malavsky Family Sings Yiddish." Recorded under "Lulinke mayn feygele," the song begins with 3 verses of "A Mol iz Geven a Myseh" and ends with "Shluf mayn feygele". -a beautiful rendition of both lullabies!
Shtiler, Shtiler Elik Vilkovsky Shaul Kacherginsky Yiddish I know of several recordings of this song. I do not have the appropria
Unter Dem Kind's Vigele English
Ver hot aza yingele Yiddish
Vig Lid Boscovich, Alex. U. (1907-1964) Yiddish Clip here by <a href="">Tanja Solnik</a>
Zhamele A. Litvin (1862-1943) Yiddish The lyrics originate from a well-known poem by Russian poet N. Nekrasov "Kalistratushka" (1863). Different melodies for this song have appeared since 1919. There is a recording of this song made by soprano Inessa Galante on her beautiful CD "18 Jewish folk songs".
Zing Faygele Zing Yiddish clip here by Tanja Solnik I believe this is originally an Italian song, "Veni sul mar" (Come to the sea). I know another version, in Portuguese, "S Minas Gerais", which is the anthem of the State of Minas Gerais, in Brasil.