Amol iz geven a meise

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Yiddish Lyrics

amol iz geven a mayse

amol iz geven a mayse.
di mayse iz gornisht freylekh.
di mayse heybt zikh onet
mit a yidishn meylekh.

lyulinke, mayn feygele!
lyulinke, mayn kind!
kh`hob ongevorn aza libe!
vey iz mir un vind.

der meylekh hot gehat a malke.
di malke hot gehat a vayngortn.
der vayngortn hot gehat a beymele.
lyulinke, mayn kind!

der meylekh iz avekgeshtorbn.
di malke iz gevorn fardorbn,
dos beymele tsebrokhn,
di feygelekh fun nest antfloygn.


Once There Was a Story
(Translation: Reinhard "Ron" F. Hahn)

Once there was a story.
The story is not at all happy.
The story begins
with a Jewish king.

Lullabye, my little bird!
Lullabye, my child!
I have lost so great a love!
Woe is me and ill.

The king had a queen.
The queen had a vineyard.
The vineyard had a tree.
Lullabye, my child!

The king is dead and gone now.
The queen has been corrupted.
The tree is broken.
The birds have left their nests.

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Added June 18th, 1999