Shlof Mine Kind, Shlof Keseyder

Weisgall, Hugo

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Yiddish Lyrics

Shlof mayn kind, shlof keseyder,
Zingen vel ich dir a lid.
Az du mayn kind vest elter vern
Vestu visn an untershid.

Az du mayn kind vest elter vern
Vestu vern mit laytn glaych.
Damolst estu gevoyre vern
Vos heyst orim un vos heyst raych.

Di tayerste palatsn, di tayerste hayzer
Dos alts makht der oreman
Nor, veystu, ver es tut in zey voynen?
Gornisht der, nor der raykher man

Der oreman, er ligt in keler
Der vilgotsh rint um fun di vent
Derfun bakumt er a rematn-feler
In di fis un in di hent


Sleep my child, keep sleeping
I will sing you a song
As you, my child become older
You will realize there is a difference
My child, as you become older
You will learn like everyone else
Then you will understand
The difference between rich and poor

The most expensive palaces, the most expensive
are all built by poor men
But do you know who lives in them?
Not they, but rich men.

Poor men live in cellars
Moisture runs from their walls
From that they get rheumatism
in their feet and hands

(Verses 3 and 4 from the Mloteks' book)

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Added June 18th, 1999