Shmuel Brazil


Hebrew Lyrics

Bilvavi mishkan evneh lahadar k'vodo,
Uv'mishkan mizbayach asim l'karnay hodo.
Ul'ner tamid ekach li ess aish ha'akaydah,
Ul'korban akriv lo ess nafshi,
Ess nafshi hayechidah.


Singable translation:
In my heart a sanctuary I'll build
To His glory's splendour,
And in it an altar I shall place
To the rays of His grandeur.
And for an Eternal Flame I shall take
The fire meant for Isaac of old,
And the sacrifice offering that I shall make
Is my one and only soul.

Literal translation:
In my heart a sanctuary I shall build,
To the splendour of His glory/honour.
And in the sanctuary an altar I shall place,
To the rays/beams of His glory/grandeur/beauty.
And for an Eternal Flame I shall take me
The fire of the Akaydah [Yitzchak's would-be sacrifice];
And for a sacrifice I shall offer Him my soul,
My one and only soul.

These lyrics, from Tehillim (Psalms) were put to a VERY popular Jewish tune, often played at weddings. (It's a slow waltz.) THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. . . . . . . Could find no reference in Tehillim or anywhere to phrases similar to those of "Bilvavi" using the Bar Ilan CD. Anyone know the real source? The music was composed by Shmuel Brazil and included on an Or Chodosh albumn from the 1970s. The lyrics are not from Psalms. I was told they are from a Hebrew work of the middle ages, but I can't recall which.


Added November 26th, 2000