Durme, Durme

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Ladino Lyrics

Durme Durme Ijiko De Madre.
Durme durme
Sin Ansia I Dolor.
Durme Durme Sin Ansia I Dolor.

durme durme ijiko de madre
durme durme
Sin ansia i dolor
durmre durme sin ansia i dolor

sin ansia i dolor
sin ansia i dolor
i dolor
durme durme
I jiko de madre

Durme durme ijiko de madre
Kon ermozura de sh'ma Isreal
Kon ermozura de sh' ma isreal


Sleep sleep Mother's little boy
Sleep free from worry and pain
Listen, my joy, to your Mother's words
The words of The "Shema Yisrael"
Sleep Mother's little body
With the beauty of the Shema Yisrael

<i>Durme durme izhiko de Madre</i> <br> clip here sung by <a href="http:


Added June 18th, 1999