Shluf Mayn Feygele

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Hebrew Lyrics

Shluf, mein faygele,
Mach tzu dein eygele,
Shluf geshmak mein kind,
Shluf un zei gezund,
Shluf un cholem zees,
Fun der velt genees,
Kol z'man du bist yung,
Kenst-du shlofen gring,
Lachen fun als-ding,


Sleep my little bird,
Close your drowsy eyes,
Ei lu lu lu

Rest in peace my child,
Under starry skies,
Ei lu lu lu

I am always near,
So you need not fear,
Ei lu lu lu

Sleep and have sweet dreams,
As the bright moon beams,
Full of light and love,
Ei lu lu lu

This song can be found in a book called "A Treasury of Jewish Folklore". Sent in in response to a request for lyrics to this song for a baby naming ceremony. This song is the Ei Lu Lu from above I think. My grandmother sang it to me often. Kindermusik uses the English translation in their infant program. I am adding it. A recording of this lullabye can be found on an album by the Malavsky Family, re-issued on CD as "The Malavsky Family Sings Yiddish." Recorded under "Lulinke mayn feygele," the song begins with 3 verses of "A Mol iz Geven a Myseh" and ends with "Shluf mayn feygele". -a beautiful rendition of both lullabies!


Added November 24th, 1999