Numi Numi

Joel Engel

None Provided

Hebrew Lyrics

Numi Numi yaldati,
Numi numi nim
Numi Numi chemdati,
Numi numi nim.

Abba halach la-avodah
Halach halach abba.
Yashuv im tzet ha-levana
Yavilakh matana.

Numi Numi...

Abba halach el ha-kramim
Halach halach abba
Yashuv im tzet ha cochavim
yavilakh anavim


Sleep, sleep my little girl.
Your father will return from work
with a gift when the moon rises.

(comments from another user): I know this song with Yiddish lyrics (my grandmother sang it to me) and would like to find a Yiddish version to buy or at least see the lyrics of. They went like this: "Lu li, lu li, klaynike, lu li lu li lu. Lu li, lu li, shaynike, lu li lu li lu. Dayn tateh iz in feld avek..." I can't remember the rest. Anyone know where to find this? I found it in Hebrew on a recording by Tanja Solnik.


Added March 5th, 2001