Zing Faygele Zing

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Yiddish Lyrics

Ich gedenk ven ich bin noch a kind geven
Flegt mine mamenue zingen tsu mir:
Bist a malach bi8st vi alle velten sheyn
Ch'vel a shterndl brengen tsu dir
Es klingt mir noch yetst in di ohyren
Di sheyne melodie
Ch'awb shoyn mine yugent farloren
Noch zing ich ihr lidele mir tzi
Zing faygele zing
Machst mine gemit gring
Derfrisht mine zikawren
Fun di kinder yoren
Zing Faygele zing


II remember when I was a child
My mother used to sing to me
"You're an angel, beautiful as all the worlds
I will bring a little star to you."
It still sounds in my ears
The beautiful melody
My youth is lost
Still I sing to myself her little song
Sing little birdie, sing
You make my lot easier
Remind me
Of the childhood years
Sing little birdie, sing.

clip here by Tanja Solnik I believe this is originally an Italian song, "Veni sul mar" (Come to the sea). I know another version, in Portuguese, "S Minas Gerais", which is the anthem of the State of Minas Gerais, in Brasil.


Added June 18th, 1999