Arum dem Fayer (Around the Fire)

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Yiddish Lyrics

Arum dem fayer
Mir zingen lider
Di nakht iz tayer men vert nit midn
Un zol der fayer far loshn vern
Shoynt oyf der himl mir zaynen shtern

To kroynt di kop mit blumen krantsn
Arum dem fayer mir freylekh tantsn
Vayl tants un lid iz undzer lebn
Der nokh in shlof khaloymes shvebn


(-From a visitor- with artistic license)

Around the fire
We're singing songs
The night is special, and we are not tired
And as the fire burns down to ashes
The heavens shine on us with starlight

We wrap our heads with flowering crowns
Around the fire we're dancing happily
To dance to music is our life
And in our sleep our dreams come calling

...This is the translation I was taught when I was frist taught the song as a child. It may not be word-for-word accurate, but I believe it conveys the spirit of the piece.- A visitor ...this is one of the first Yiddish songs I learned (inna, zemerl's creator)


Added December 28th, 1999