A Fidler

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shmuel tsesler

Yiddish Lyrics

S'hot der tate fun yaridl
Mir gebracht a naye fidl,

Do re mi fa sol la si
Shpil ich tidl di di di

Ch'halt dos kepl ongeboign
Un farglotz di beyde oign


Rechtn fus forois a bisl
Klap dem takt tzu mitn fisl,


Kvelt un vundert zich di mame
Kenst doch azoi gut di game,



i was a walking down the street and i saw a brittay sweet
i asked her y she

shmuel tsesler was born in zabludov-polin in 1904,before the war he went to argentina and started a family there with his wife sara-ethel miller.he was my grandfather and he was a tsadik as far as i'm concern.i loved him very much and he was one of the people that made my childhood a wonderfull dream.he wrote 5 children's songs books. betina [email protected]


Added June 20th, 1999