A Fidler shmuel tsesler Yiddish shmuel tsesler was born in zabludov-polin in 1904,before the war he went to argentina and started a family there with his wife sara-ethel miller.he was my grandfather and he was a tsadik as far as i'm concern.i loved him very much and he was one of the people that made my childhood a wonderfull dream.he wrote 5 children's songs books. betina [email protected]
A Meydele, A Yingele Mikhl Gelbart Mikhl Gelbart Russian Clips at:
Af, Peh, Ozen Jeff Klepper Jeff Klepper Hebrew clip here from a <a href= cgi- bin/SoftCart.exe
Ani Notea Shkeidiya lotre dprrey Hebrew
Aquaqua Hipo Hebrew
Boee Kalah anonymous English
DIXIELAND N/A/ N/A/ English I HEARD THIS SONG AT AGES 13 - 14 WHEN I BELONGED TO THE BOYS CONGREGATION AND SISTERHOOD OF EAST NEW YORK BROOKLYN I heard a similar song from my grandfather in South Africa: When it's pesachtime in Dixieland Gee let me take you by the hand Ther'll be tsimmes and shmaltz lokshen and zaltz kugel and farfel and matzoh as well There will be a jubilee 'cause we'll all be on a spree Ther'll be bobba and zaide sitting at the seder davening in ragtime with a ba-ba-badede-ba there will be a big brass band when it's pesachtime in dixie pesachtime in dixie pesachtime in dixieland Does anyone have any more information
Ech Osim Levivot Chaim Parchi Lea Naor Hebrew
Eyns Eyns Eyns Yiddish
Feygele, Feygele... Yiddish
Geto English The Song was sung in Lodz ghetto.
Hob Ikh Mir a Por Oxn Yiddish cllip here by <a href="">Mazel
Hob Ikh mir a mantl (I had a little coat) Traditional Yiddish The clip featured here is from the CD "Zing with Cindy" I teach in a day school and of course, the new book based on this song won the caldecott.Joseph had an overcoat It's a wonderful book and a great song. One of the parents in the school had an old recording of the song- and low and behold, one item is missing from your version, and from the book- the order is coat, jacket, vest, yarmulke!!!!, tie, button. Seems the song is more Jewish in it's original form.
In An Orem Shtibele moyshe korman mikhl gelbart Yiddish
In Dem Land Fun Piramidn Ben Yomen Dovid Edelshtadt Yiddish This Passover song can be found in a book of Yiddish songs. The entire book is written in Yiddish, in Hebrew characters and in English translation. The music is printed all in the treble cleft: single notes. The English translation of the title of the song book is "Songs for Shule and Home." The song book was printed in the United States in 1946. I first heard this song about 20 years ago from an elderly woman who had learned it as a small child in Lithuania. I heard about this song from my mother who learned it at the Peretz shule in Winnipeg in about 1930. I was thrilled to find it here!
Mattathias Bold English
Mayn Yingele (My Little One) Morris Rosenfeld Yiddish This is a famous poem and song by Morris Rosenfeld about a father who work
Mini Mac Hebrew I work at a jewish pre school and we sing this song every friday and I was hoping to find out where it was originated and anything else someone could tell me about it. thank you!
Mu asapru (What Shall I Say) leprosoxxx kakuna Yiddish Theodore Bikel sings this song on one of his old, old Yiddish Folk Song records
My Dear Ima suri Berman Allison Cohen, Shani Feder English I'm sending this letter
Rahelica baila Traditional Traditional Judeo-spanish Little Rachel dances Little Moshe sings The fat rats they clap their hands
Shabbos Yiddish i learned this in Folkshul 2 in the Bronx, New York. The clip is from Lo
Shabbos Yiddish i learned this in Folkshul 2 in the Bronx, New York. The clip is from Lo
Shalom Chaverim C. LuAnn Howe C. LuAnn Howe Hebrew This is a friendship song for when your friends must leave. However, it is
Sheyn Bin Ikh Sheyn Yiddish This children's game song was recorded on the Vanguard record "Marthe Schlamme Sings Jewish Folk Songs." It has since been recorded on a CD. I have also heard it sung with blue socks instead of red socks; the version here is what Marthe Schlamme sings. -Sara
Sheyne Meydele Yiddish My Zeyde used to sing it to me all the time when I was tiny. I don't know if it's original with him or not. - from Micky G.
Shikhelekh ? ? Yiddish
Stomp stomp stomp Karen Daniel Karen Daniel English Email [email protected] for a copy of this song on tape or in sheet music!
Sun in the West Yiddish
Sunrise sunset Jerry Bock Sheldon harnick English FROM the Broadway show FIDDLER ON THE ROOF
T'fillah Chaim Parchi Rivka Ziv Hebrew
The Little Bird Malka (Steinberg) Saks English This song was first taught to me in my Brooklyn elementary school, Bais Yaacov D'Rav Meir, back in the 1960s. The tune is hauntingly beautiful in it's sad yearning. I still remember hearing it in High School (the Bais Yaacov that was on 18th avenue in Boro Park) but it's been nearly 25 years since then and I can't remember all the words of the second stanza. If anyone does know them, please fill in the words and email me! ([email protected])
Una Noche Al Borde De La Mar Judeo-spanish I know this song with the title "Falso amor". I heard it in a CD..sung by Loretta Dora Gerassi (Bulgaria-Israel) "Inedit..Chants judeo-espagnoles de la Mediterranee orientale.. Maison des Cultures du monde 101 BD Raspal 75006 PARIS-FRANCE
Unter a Kleyn Beymele Margulies, Tsvi Hirsh (1888-1944) Margulies, Tsvi Hirsh (1888-1944) Yiddish This song is a touching, humorous story of three boys sitting under a small tree, talking about a girl. Their ardourly conquests grow greater and greater as they talk -- that is until father comes with a belt... The clip featured here is from "Yiddish Folksongs", a recording by various artists. Click here to find out more about the CD (the sample tracks sound really good!) This song is a touching, humorous story of boys sitting under a small tree,
When You Give A Little Ahavah Judy Farber Judy Farber English THIS SONG WAS LISTED AS ONE OF THE TOP TEN CHILDREN'S SONGS BY SOME MEMBERS OF HAVA NASHIRA. THIS SONG CAN BE FOUND ON "MITZVAH MAGIC", A WONDERFUL CD FULL OF HAPPY AND SINGABLE CHILDREN'S SONGS. SOLD AT: SOUNDS WRITE Judy led the TOT service at our Synagogue in Agoura Hills, CA and the kids just loved this song. You should also check out her CD there are many other memorable songs.-Rabbi Len Muroff
Who is here today English i have in a chilren book i just would like to put language,congitive and p
Yadim Lamala Hebrew
Yidn Redn Yidish belz English
Yoshke, Yoshke Yiddish from liner notes of Berkeley's Klezmorim album "East Side Wedding" (<a h
shluft mein kind Yiddish