In An Orem Shtibele

moyshe korman

mikhl gelbart

Yiddish Lyrics

in an orem shtibele
ovnt-tsayt baym koymen;
shpint a libe muter dort
far dem kind irs troymen;

zingt zi im a lidele,
patsht er mit di hentlekh;
zingt dos gantse shtibele,
zingen mit di ventlekh:

patshe, patshe, kikhelekh,
oytser|l, mayn sheyner;
tate t'koyfn shikhelekh
zunele, mayn kleyner.

tate t'koyfn shikhelekh,
mame t'shtrikn zeklekh;
tate t'koyfn ferdelekh
mame t'onton glekelekh.

ot azoy in shtibele
hersht i glik, i freydn,
zayt bay zayt mit oremkayt
voynt dort a ganeydn.

greser iz di libe dort,
greser iber ales;
shtarker iz di libe dort,
shtarker fun dem dales


In a poor house, every evening at the fireplace, s mother
spins dreams
for her child. She sings him a songb and he claps his
hands. The
whole room sings, even the walls sing.

Clap hands, my treasure, my beauty! Pappa will buy you
shoes, my little
one. Mamma will knit you socks. Pappa willbuy you horses
and Mamma
will put bells on them.

In the house happiness and joy reign. Side by side with
paradise resides. There love is greater than anything
else. There
love is stronger than poverty.


Added December 22nd, 1999