My Dear Ima

suri Berman

Allison Cohen, Shani Feder

English Lyrics

My dear Ima
I'm writing this letter
To say the things I never said
Of my impressions
As your child
These thoughts are running
Through my head

As far back
As I can remember
You said Shema with me at night
Each week I saw you
Welcome Shabbos
I saw your candles
Burning bright

You made our home a house of Torah
Encouraged Abba to learn each night
You stood behind him during hard times
You gave him strength in your own way

You taught us all about the mitzvos
Showed us the right way from the start
We always saw your love for Torah
And you instilled it in our hearts

Now your children
Have grown older
And each one has gone
His separate way
Yet we still follow
In your footsteps
You made us what we
Are today

Now your daughter
Is a mother
She does the things
You used to do
Not only did you
Build your own home
But Ima, you built
My home too


I'm sending this letter


Added April 4th, 2000