The Little Bird

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Malka (Steinberg) Saks

English Lyrics

The little bird is calling
He wishes to return
The little bird is wounded
He cannot cry but yearns
He's captured by the vultures
And is crying bitterly
Oh to see my nest again
Oh to be redeemed

The little bird of silver
So delicate and rare
Still chirps among the vultures
Outshining all that's there.

How long, how long it suffers
How long will it be
When will come the eagle
And set the little bird free

The little bird is Yisroel
The vultures are our foes
The painful wound is Galus
Which we all feel and know
The nest is Yerusholayim
Which we yearn to see once more
The eagle is Moshiach
Whom we are waiting for


This song was first taught to me in my Brooklyn elementary school, Bais Yaacov D'Rav Meir, back in the 1960s. The tune is hauntingly beautiful in it's sad yearning. I still remember hearing it in High School (the Bais Yaacov that was on 18th avenue in Boro Park) but it's been nearly 25 years since then and I can't remember all the words of the second stanza. If anyone does know them, please fill in the words and email me! ([email protected])


Added September 23rd, 2001