Sheyn Bin Ikh Sheyn

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Yiddish Lyrics

Sheyn bin ikh sheyn
Sheyn iz mayn nomen
Vegt men mir shidikhim
Fun same rabonim
Rabonishe toyre
Iz dokh zeyer groys -
Vin ikh bay mayn mamen
A likhtige royz

A sheyn meydele bin ikh
Royte zekelekh trog ikh
Gelt in di tashn
Vayn in di flashn
Milekh in di kregelekh
Kinder in vigelekh
Shraen ale sheyn -
Sheyn bin ikh sheyn

Beser a melamed
Afile a beyzn
Eyder a student!
Mti tzerisene hoyzn
Veser a behelfer
Mit a tutz kleyne kinder
Eyder gor a dokter
Mit a tzebrokhenen tzelinder


Beser a proster klayznik
Afile nisht kayn guter
Eyder an apteker
Vos preglt fleysh oyf puter
Ikh vil nemen a khosid
Mit a por lange pees
Un er vet mir brengen
Fund undzer rebn kamees


Pretty am I, pretty,
Pretty is my name.
They propose the finest of matches for me,
Even to a rabbi.
One who knows the Torah
Is very important -
And now my mother thinks of me
As a blooming rose.

I am a pretty maiden,
I wear red socks,
I have money in my pocket,
I have a flask of wine,
I have a crock of mead.
Babies in their cradle
Are all crying out,
"How pretty she is!" Pretty am I.

Better a Hebrew teacher,
Even a bad-tempered one,
Than a schoolboy
Wearing torn pants.
Better an assistant
To the teacher,
With a dozen children of his own,
Than a doctor
With a torn high hat.

Refrain: Pretty am I...

Better a simple Talmud student,
Even if he is not so good-natured,
Than an apothecary,
Who can afford butter with his meat.
I'll take a pious bridegroom
With long payes (earlocks),
And he'll bring me
Blessings from our rabbi.

Refrain: Pretty am I...

This children's game song was recorded on the Vanguard record "Marthe Schlamme Sings Jewish Folk Songs." It has since been recorded on a CD. I have also heard it sung with blue socks instead of red socks; the version here is what Marthe Schlamme sings. -Sara


Added June 2nd, 1999