Ain't gonna work on Saturday

Rabbi Silverman


English Lyrics

Ain't gonna work on Saturday
Ain't gonna work on Saturday
Double, double, triple pay
Won't make me work on Saturday
Ain't gonna work on Saturday
It's Shabbos Kodesh

*******repeat chorus after each stanza*******
I'm big Gedalia Goomber, I'm not exactly small,
But really not so very big, just seventeen feet tall.
I'm really rigged for working, for that I'm very fit,
Six days a week I'm at it, and on the seventh day I quit.

I once helped raise a building, and on the 100th floor,
I was carrying a load of bricks, an easy ton or more.
And here it's late on Friday, I knew I'd have to stop,
So I yelled, "watch out below!", and let the whole thing drop.

At driving a locomotive, I thought I'd take a crack,
I had the throttle wide open, zooming down the track.
And here it's almost Shabbos, the sun's about to set,
So I dove into a mudhole, and the train is running yet.

I worked down in a coal mine, and lost myself alright,
I couldn't tell the days apart, because there was no light.
So I set myself to digging, just as fast as you may please,
And I popped up in an hour, where the people speak Chinese.

I worked at Cape Kennedy, and things were going right,
A great big rocket ship was set, on the launching site.
And here it's getting dark, Shabbos was coming soon,
So I pushed the starting button, and spent Shabbos on the moon.

I turned to deep-sea diving, and took an awful chance,
On a sunken steamer's deck, I got caught by my pants.
And trapped beneath the ocean, I couldn't set me free,
But I went home for Shabbos, and dragged the boat with me.

i once was on a baseball team, Shomer Shabbos was its name,
the score was zero zero, in this exciting game,
then i was up to bat, and shabbos was coming soon,
So i hit that ball so very hard, it landed on the moon.

I dress my best on Shabbos, three meals I feast me fine,
I make a royal Kiddush on a barrel full of wine.
And when I sing my Zmiros, for a thousand miles they know,
That I'm enjoying Shabbos, for Hashem has told us so.


Once to split the atom with effort I had learned
Suddenly there was a blast! Boy did I get burned
Everyone was worried but the doctors I did tell
"That by keeping Shabbos Holy I would soon be fit and well!

I once was an explorer, to africa I went, when shabbos hungry lions, came zooming round my tent! My assistant grabbed my rifle, go goomber shoot those pests but instead I invited them to be my shabbos guests!


Added October 4th, 2001