An Emeseh Ayshes Chayil

None Provided

as sung by Barry Sisters

Yiddish Lyrics

An emeseh Ayshes Chayil
An emeseh Ayshes chayil
A tayereh, kayn trayereh, fun ihr 'snito

A goldeneh neshumeh
A naches a nechumeh
A libeh froy, a gitteh mamenu

Azah fayneh froy vi zi
Brengt in hoyz nor harmonie
'sleben is a symphony

ayshes, chayil, miyimtsa!


Let him praise and give thanks to God,
He who has a virtuous wife, a treasure.
She will love you always,
Peace reigns in the house.
There is no greater happiness.
She rejoices in your joys,
She shares in your sorrows,
And showers you with loving caresses.
A true virtuous wife,
A precious thing, ever faithful,
Beaming with pride, a real consolation,
A sweet woman and a fine little mum.

This song may be heard on two compilation of the Barry Sisters: "The Barry Sisters: Their Greatest Yiddish Hits", Legacy International Records; "The Barry Sisters", Banner Records. Anyone have a translation?


Added December 29th, 1999