Al Deredor De La Mi Cama

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Al deredor de la mi cama,
lleno de doctores se hincha.
Se miravan uno al otro -
salvacion no me queda.

Fostan blanco me cortaron
sin estrenar lo dexi.
Que s'acodren la mi jente,
y que lloren por mi.


The space around my bed is full of doctors...
They look one at another: for me there is no cure.

I got made a white robe, but will never be able to use it.
May people remember me, that they may cry for me.

(I am not sure about the translation...)

Bar none this is the song that epitomizes hopelessness. And it has the pathos of an Almodovar movie too, which proves to show how modern some of these ladino texts are. Category 'Songs of despair'? TRANSLATION OF SECOND VERSE: They made a white robe for me, but I depart without using it ('estrenar' means 'to use something for the first time')


Added May 15th, 2000