Asentada en mi ventana

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Asentada en mi ventana lavando una rita
Asperando a mi querida por limpiar me la sudor.

Vente siete dias hay que ne te veyo yo a ti
Un biscotto me mandates amargo me lo comi.

Si pasates de mi querido ne olvides de mandaras a mi
Yo tanto esto de amargura que no fuetes mi mazal.

Asentada en la gradina conversando con la mi mama yo
Haber negro yo me vino a mi que mi querido se esposo

Si espozates de mi querido bonbonicos me mandaras a mi
Yo ne los como con amargura qui no fuites mi mazal

Despozates de mi querido bonbonicos te demande
Los comeras con amargura que tu no sos para mi


Sitting by the window washing a shirt
waiting for my beloved to wipe away his sweat

I haven't seen him for 27 days
you sent me a cake which I ate with bitterness

If you come by here my love, don't forget to ask for me
I am so bitter you didn't choose me.

Sitting in the stair talking to my mother
They bring me the bad news. My beloved is engaged.

If you get married you will send me sugar almonds
I'll eat them feeling bitter for not having been chosen.

Since you left me my love I sent you almonds
you will find them bitter for you don't deserve me.

This love song was sung in the Ottoman Empire, e.g. in Edirne. There is an overlap with the song "Mama yo no visto". The text is from a CD by Francoise Atlan.


Added February 26th, 2001