A La Una Yo Naci Traditional Joaquin diaz Judeo-spanish clip here from Judy Frankel's recording Tresoros Sephardis Sung by Joaquin Diaz in "Canciones sefardies". This is an old ballad that has travelled a great deal. Before the Inquisition chased out the marranos (the jews converted in 1478) the second line of the romance was changed to "A los dos me baptisaron". Only when the jews found peace in Holland or the Ottoman Emire, did the second line recover its original phrasing [from the booklet to a CD by Francoise Atlan].
A Libe Iz An Umglik Yiddish Jacob Schaefer has done an arrangement of this.
Abanibi obohebev (I love you in Pig Latin) gali Hebrew (from a site on Israeli Eurovision songs) Izhar Cohen and his great song "Abanibi" gave Israel the taste of victory in the Eurovision for the first time. "Abanibi" beat all the other songs in France 1978 and gave Israel the first victory. The chorus of the song uses a special and secret language kids use ("B-speak") when they don't want the grown ups to understand what they are saying. "A-Ba-Ni-Bi" means "Ani", the hebrew word for "I" and the rest of the chorus is, of course, "Love You". You can find the full real audio clip of this song here
Adio Querida (Goodbye My Love) verdi Ladino clip here from Judy Frankel's Stairway of Gold Sung also by Ofra Haza in the soundtrack of the film "The Governess". Based on Addio del passato from Verdi's La Traviata.
Ahava nurit hirsh david barak Hebrew
Alta alta va la luna Traditional Traditional Judeo-spanish A Turkish Sephardic Love-Song The song is attributed to the singer Isaac "Cacum" Pasarel [due to the booklet to a CD by Bienvenida Aguado and Dora Gerassi].
Ani Ohev Otach English THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. . . .
Arvoles lloran Big Boy mis ojos lloran por ti Spanish This is a popular song about not responded love. "The trees are weeping fo
Arvolicos d4almendra Judeo-spanish clip here by <a href=
Asentada en mi ventana Judeo-spanish This love song was sung in the Ottoman Empire, e.g. in Edirne. There is an overlap with the song "Mama yo no visto". The text is from a CD by Francoise Atlan.
Atoor Meetzkhekh Yoni Rechter Avraham Khalfi Hebrew
Avre Tu Puerta Judeo-spanish The clip here is by the talented and versatile singer Tanja Solnik and then "musiques s pharades" "Avre tu puerta" sang the dashing Spanish troubadour in the 11th century and "Avre tu puerta" sang the Jerusalem Sephardic mother at the beginning of the 20th century [from the booklet to a CD by the Pavarim] There's a lovely recording of this by Lutz Elias - I forget the name of the album.
Avre este abajour bijou Judeo-spanish This cantiga belongs to the popular love songs in which the door, the window, or the balcony is a symbol. There is an overlap with "Por la puerta yo pasi"
Avri tu puerta serrada Anonimous Traditional Judeo-spanish I only knew the first two verses of this song, the famous "Avre tu". Lately I found this version on a very good book written by Matilda Koen-Sarano "Vini Kantaremos".The last two verses prove that the love of the "poet" is far more tragic than the one revealed by the first two more popular verses. I guess during the centuries, mothers (including mine), singing the song as a lullaby, cut the final verses in order to avoid the "bloodshed", to children!!
BAT HA CARMEL EFFI NETZER A . BAR-AM Hebrew I found this beautiful song in a record whose title is: "This is Israel" Israeli folk songs and dances with EFFI NETZER Beit Rothschild singers and band The name of the lyricist is not clear and there are two possibilities A. BAR- AM or Abraham BEN ZEEV THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. . . .
Bay Mir Bistu Shein (Yiddish) Secunda, Sholom Jacobs, Jacob Yiddish the clip here is from a great CD Oy, It's Good by the Shirim Klezmer Orchestra (here sung first in Yiddish, then in English). In his book "The Essential Klezmer," (published by Algonquin Bookds of Chapel Hill in 2000) Seth Rogovoy reports it was originally written for a Yiddish theater production "I would if I Could," in 1932.
Der Nayer Sher Sher Ellstein, Avrom (1907-1963) English The clip featured here is from Faye Kellerstein's CD "A feygele zingt". Click here to find out more about the CD. There is a page devoted to this song with more sample recordings here: r/der_nay.html
Di Mame iz Gegangen Yiddish <p>The clip featured here is from the CD <a href="
Di Retenish Yiddish this song can be found on Karsten Troyke's CD <a href="
Di Verbe fair H. N. Bialik French There is a recording of this song on Chava Alberstein's CD "Margaritkalech". I do not have the necessary software to add a real audio link, but thought this might be helpful for someone looking for an excellent version of this song. This is the Yiddish version of the song that is known in Hebrew as "Lo Vayom velo Balayla".
Diziocho anos Traditional English A Sephardic Song from Thessaloniki (Greece)..recollected by Liliana Treves Alcalay
Doina alla Lyube Italian From, Theodore Bikel sings Yiddish Theatre and folk songs clip here from Rebbecca West's website and her album A Bisl Libe and a Bisele Glik
Don un Donye Michel Gelbart H. Roisenblat Yiddish
Dos Zangl Hirsh Glik Hirsh Glik Yiddish Recorded 2002 on Mayn Oytser-My Treasure, released by the Sholom Aleichem Club, c/o The Sterling 1815 JFK Blvd., Apt. 811, Phila., Pa. 19103 Liner notes by Bob Freedman, director of Jewish Sound Archive, University of Pennsylvania: Dos Zangl (The Cornstalk) A sweet love poem written by the youthful Hirsh Glik while in a W.W.II labor camp. This time the poet likens the blonde of the cornstalk and the beauty of the sunset to that of his maiden. Imagery of nature is further evoked as the trees frame the stars like poles for a wedding canopy. Adding to the charm of the song is a play on words rhyming with "Zangl." That a poem of such love and hope could emerge in the midst of horrendous misery and persecution is a testament to the human spirit and its creativity.
Dos amantes tengo la mi mama trad. trad. Ladino This song is included in Dorit Reuveni's CD Ladino from 2000.
Du Meydele Du Fayns (You Pretty Little Girl) Yiddish clip here from Rebecca Wave's website, and her album A Bisl Libe, und A Bisele Glik
Du Zolst Nisht Geyn Mit Keyn Anderinke Meydelekh (Don't You Dare Go Out with Other Girls) Yiddish
Ein Davar - Never mind Yair Klinger Shimrit Orr Hebrew Performed by Tal Sondak, this was Israel's entry for the Eurovision 2001
El prisionero Traditional Judeo-spanish "Mes de Mayo" A Spanish romance...that arrived in the Sephardic Communities of Morocco (Tetouan) - perhaps in the 14th century There is another song under the title El Prisionero, or La Huerfana del Prisionero, or Yedi Kule--are lyrics available for that?
Era Escuro era avemano Judeo-spanish To listen to a clip connect with jpc, search for " sephar* ", and click details of Spanien - Songs of the Sephardim
Erev Shel Shoshanim Yosef Hadar Moshe Dor English One of the all-time Jewish song favorites. Clip here from CD 50 Years 50 songs
Esta montanya de enfrente Traditional Traditional Judeo-spanish A sad love-song. To listen to a clip connect with jpc, search for " sephar* ", and click details of Spanien - Songs of the Sephardim
Farges Mikh Nit Abraham Ellstein Jacob Jacobs Yiddish This song was introduced by Molly Picon and Yakob Sussanoff in the production "Malkele Dem Reb'ns."
Fel Shara Judeo-spanish This a Sephardic Turkish "Joke-Song".(A Cabaret Song) The text is a mixt of arabic..italian..french..english and ladino. There is a story that a group of sailors were sitting around a table in a bar and each of them added a part of the song in their native tongue. Arabic: Fel shara canet betet masha/shata metni/tedrabini/kitir/tehebini/alambiki/ashtanaki Italian: la signorina/la sua facia/volevo parlar/perche'/totta la notte French: aux beaux yeaux noirs/qui eclairait le boulevard/a la gare/en reponse a mon bonsoir/il n'y a pas lieu de nous conquerir/et meme jusq'au lever du jour/pour le voeu de notre amour English: because her father/ombrella/my dear/ and if you want/and every morning/ Ladino: Como la luna/y con su../ kuando te amo It is sung to the tune of the traditional Turkish "Uskadara."
Toda una vida Juanes Spanish Gallarda - A romance on machismo from the northern Spain with two different interpretations.
Gerineldo (Quien tuviera tal fortuna) Judeo-spanish A favorite romance among the Sephardim that gave the group of singers GERINELDO its name. A princess invites Gerineldo, her father's page, to spend the night with her. The king discovers them "as man and wife" and wonders what to do. He reasons that if he slays his daughter her ghost will haunt him, and that if he slays Gerineldo his kingdom may be lost. So, departing from the romance tradition of heads severed for honour's sake, he does the sensible thing and marries them each other. - Possibly a romance of Aeginhard and the daughter of Charlemagne inspired this ballad. - The introductory lines are from Diego Pisador, Libro de Musica de Vihuela, Salamanca 1552. The lyrics is from the collection of Menendez-Pidal.
Gey Ikh Mir Shpatsirn (As I go for a stroll) Yiddish If he didn't want me once, now I won't have him! Clip here from Martha Schlamme's CD Martha Schlamme sings Jewish folk songs
Hayu Leilot Mordechai Zaira Yakov Orland Hebrew A song about two khalutsim who fall in love... <p>The clip featured here is
Her nor di schaein maedele Yiddish Here are all 6 stanzas of this beautiful duet. Note the slightly different text in stanza 4 which corresponds to stanza 2 in the other version of the song you can find on "zemerl".
Her nor, du sheyn meydele Unknown Unknown Spanish A song about a pretty young girl who'll do anything to be with her lover!
Hey, Tsigelekh (Hey, Little Goats) Mordechay Gebirtig Mordechay Gebirtig Yiddish A sad song about a shepherd boy's longing for a pretty girl. <p>You can h
Hija Mia Mi Querida q q Ladino Hija mia mi querida, No te eches a la mar, It should say "salvar del amor", not "slavar del amor" in the last line. thank you, rey i know the version by els trobadors from cd uwe It should say (according to Joaquin Diaz version) "siete puntos de ...", not "funtas..." q
Hoy Harim(Daplar Daplar) nurit hirsch shimir or Hebrew this song is sung by a famous turk}sh singer bari~ mangohe was a great singer and traveller. He travelled all over the world and when he had gone to israel he sang this song with Gali Atari.we will never forget him:.i.v. See a short video clip of them! ------------------- The Turkish name of the song is Daglar, Daglar (Mountains, o Mountains) NOT Daplar as the title suggests. Information about the artist and his music (including a short video clip of the programme in Israel where he sang with Gali Atari) is found in A.A.
Hulyet, Beyze Vintn huljet huljet Yiddish from Aufwind Klezmer Band's ( pages: A song about the 
I Am Crazy Far She Aaron Lebedeff Doctor Doom Yiddish This song can be found on Karsten Troyke's CD "Di Grine Blatter". More ifgfnformation here
Ikh Hob Dikh Tsu Fil Lib Alexander Olshanetsky Chaim Towber Yiddish clip here by <a href=" bin/SoftCart.exe/yd
In Shtetl Nikolayev David Medoff Yiddish this song here from <a href="">Aufwind - Yiddish
Jo Hanino Judeo-spanish Correction to some of the words: Tomaremoz (will get married, nasen (born), manseviko (young man), mandates (send). The version I know adds up a couple of lines before Aman, Aman: Munchas paras mi demandas non me acheta mi senyor You are asking for too much (dowry) money and my father does not accept (your proposal) sheet music here: http://m wnsax/jo.pdf clip here from
La Adultera (Yo me levantara un lunes) Judeo-spanish There are many variants of this song about unfaithful wifes, see e.g. Burjula. This version is due to a CD by the group Raices.
La Prima Vez Anonymous Trad. sephardite Judeo-spanish <a href="">Tanja Solnik </a> performs this song
La Serena Traditional Traditional Judeo-spanish The same melody is found in "Bat Galim". from:lolik levi: ther is more version for "la serena"[12] = el amor seampese de los hojos de los hojos al korason de korason se va al bofe e mas hy no hay eskapasion. = no me mates kon kuchio ni menos kon revolver mata me kon tus amores en tus brasos morire. See En La Mar, above, for more verses
La fraticida por amor Zion Y Lennox reggaeton Spanish Isabel kills her sister Donxiva in a dark night since she loves Don Diego. The latter thinking that he sleeps with Donxiva, tells the neighbors that after 15 years of marriage he finds a virgin in his bed. The lyrics are from the booklet to a CD by the group "Raices".
La roza linda Traditional traditional Judeo-spanish A song from Turkey
Landarico (El rey que muncho madrugada) Judeo-spanish The story is based on the legend of Landarico (Andarleto), the Merovingian
Las Estrellas Traditional Performer: Consuelo Luz Ladino Title also spelled "Las Estreyas". Consuelo Luz version available by clic
Let My People Go paul macatney Jewish
Libe (Love) Abraham Ellstein Molly Picon Yiddish Clip here from CD <a href="
Lo Vayom V'lo Valaila Hebrew
Los caminos de Sirkedji Judeo-spanish A young man wishes to visit his girl friend and her family, but after frequent visits he is more interested in her fathers vineyards than in her. Sirkedji is a district in Istanbul.
Lyube Mayne lyube Sestrenka Russian
Mama yo no tengo visto diaz Judeo-spanish This song is given on a request in the guest book. There is an overlap with "Asentada en me ventana". The text is from a CD by Joaquin Diaz.
Mame barry Hava nagila English This song is originally called "Yuh, Mein Libe Tokhter" ("Yes, My Darling Daughter"), issued on LP "At Home With The Barry Sisters"/1961)and earlier on singles. Vitaly
Margaritkelekh Unknown Yiddish A beautiful song about a girl and guy in a field of margaritkelekh... You may interpolate the rest.
Mayn Mirl (Maria) - from West Side Story Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim what is the general character of this song? American Yiddish version of the West Side Story song "Maria". <p> You can find
Mi Coracon Judeo-spanish
Minnush Traditional Ladino Tres clavinas en un tiesto A Sephardic Turkish love song. "Aman" is like the Yiddish "Oy vey!" "Aman" is the Sephardic version of Haman, the villain in the book of Esther, who wanted to kill the Jews and ended up himself hung from a gibbet on Purim day. Kusun is a corrupted form of the Turkish word "kusum" (my love!) Sheker means "sweet" in Turkish. Minnush is the name of the girl
Neshumele - Sweetheart ? ? Yiddish This is a pretty literal translation in both German and English. Arber Koc
Noches Noches Judeo-spanish Love song before 1492, originaly 12th or 13th century. The second variant is from a CD by Dominique Thibaudat
Oy Avrom Folk poetry Folk poetry English A russian translation of this song, named "Pered dolgoj razlukoj", was used by Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975), in "Iz Jevrejskoj Narodnoj Po'ezii", op. 79a, no. 4. Uma traducao russa desta cancao, chamada "Pered dolgoj razlukoj", foi usada por Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975), em "Iz Jevrejskoj Narodnoj Po'ezii", op. 79a, no. 4.
Oy Dortn, Dortn Unknown Unknown Far away across the water, across the bridge, I have been driven away to th
Oy I Like She Yiddish taken from a songbook prepared by Malke Gottlieb for a Friends of Yiddish annual weekend held in 1994 at Solway House
Oy S'iz Gut Abraham Ellstein Jacob Jacobs Yiddish clip here from the Klezmer Conservatory Band's great CD Dancing in the Aisles
Oy mame bin ich farliebt Ellstein, Abe (1907-1963) Ellstein, Abe (1907-1963) Yiddish English lyrics are by Sol Zim. The clip featured here is by the band Mappamundi.
Oygn Abraham Ellstein Molly Picon Yiddish Clip here by Faye Kellersteyn from her CD <a href="
Papir Iz Doch Vays Yiddish You can find this song on Mandy Patinkin's CD Mamaloshen sheet music here:
Para Que Quero Yo Mas Bivir Judeo-spanish clip here from the recording <a href=
Pasharo d'emozura Ladino The title of this song is translated, A BEAUTIFUL BIRD. And it's a beaut
Por la tu puerta yo pasi Turkish sephardic anonymous Turkish Sephardic anonymous Judeo-spanish I heard this sung in Los Angeles of all places, by an old man who was selling bourekas in an open-air market. Seeing my dark complexion, he immediately addressed me in Spanish. "This is an old Mexican air," he said. "No it isn't," I responded in Hebrew, "it is Ladino!" We laughed. It turned out he was a Turkish Jew who had brought this song with him, as well as his recipe for bourekas, from all the way over there, and was peddling them both to the local Hispanic population with some success!
Por una Ninya traditional Ben-Zaken, Steinberg Ladino This song from Sofia, Bulgaria appears in Ben-Zaken-Steinberg's The Bride Unfastens her Braids, The Groom faints Ladino Love Songs CD with the Ensemble Yatan Atan. This is one of my favorite songs. Does anyone know more versions of this song or more stanzas?
Primavera en Salonico Carl Orff Primavera en Salonico Ladino This one is from the excellent album "Spring in Salonica - Popular Sephardic Songs with Savina Yannatou". Get it from /B000003VD7/qid% 3D1032443026/002-7396997-8907227 Salonica is in Greece by the way...
Rachamim Moshe Wilensky Natan Alterman Hebrew Dance of Yankele Levy, Haifa. The song "Rachamim" on "A Jewish Odyssey"
Reyzele Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942) Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942) Yiddish This is a warm song about a young man's love for his Reyzele. Note on translations: Yiddish can add "-l" to make a diminutive, which implies tenderness. "Dovidl" means "sweet David," "gesl" (from "ges", street) is "sweet little street. The ending "ele" is the same thing, only more so: thus Reyzl, Reyzele. Translation for verse six, minor corrections by Alexander Maxwell. The real audio file of this song is from "The Yiddish Dream" CD, a wonderful compilation of Yiddish songs. Click here to find out more about the CD.
Roeh veRoah (Shepherd and Shepherdess) Matityahu Shelem Matityahu Shelem Hebrew Shepherd and Shepherdess this song is about a shepherd and shepherdess. He was always, she was always singing, and their eyes were always full of love.
Sa haybt sich un mit dir N/A n/a Yiddish Picked it up many years ago, stayed in my mind. A sweet (saccharin)love so
Second time around ? ? English
Shecharchoret Hebrew this is the Hebrew version of the Ladino song "Morenika".
Sheyn vi di Levone Rumshinsky Tauzberg Yiddish To me, you are as beautiful as the moon, In fact as beautiful as a thousand suns. How shall I ever tell you about it? Israel Ghelman says: THE REFRAIN INCLUDES: Dayne tzeyndlekh, etc... "Sha-ynst" vi toyznt zunen "Host" mayn hartz baglikt. "Host" mikh tzugetzoygn Der moykh is mir "tzemisht", Ikh gey arum "tzekhisht", "Kh'trakht" vi tzu zogn dir
Sheyn vi di levone Joseph Rumshinsky Chaim Tauber Yiddish <a href=""> "The Best Yiddi
Sheyn vi di levone Joseph Rumshinsky Chaim Tauber Yiddish <a href=""> "The Best Yiddi
Shney Shoshanim M. Zeyra Y. Orland Hebrew clip here from Shoshana Damari's recording <a href="http://www.jewishmusic
Shvayg Mayn Hartz Herman Yablokof Yiddish See Above...would very much like to find a recording of this song!!! Thank you ce breuer lo puedo niegar Traditional Judeo-spanish A Sephardic Song of the end of the Nineteenth Century...recollected by the S
Simiadech Anonymous Hebrew The reason the song cannot be found with a search engine is indeed the spelling. I found a neat site, which also contains a midi of the song: It seams to be a dance song I learned the song on highschool, and it is so fresh, i never forgot it. Thanks to this site, I found the complete text that enabled me to find more about it. ----------------------------------------------------------- This was listed mistakenly as a German song and the spelling of the name was wrong. It is "Simi Yadech", Put Your Hand in Mine", an Israeli children's song. There is an Israeli children's dance done to the song. Words are: Simi yadech beyadi, Ani shelach ve'at sheli. Hey, hey, Galila, bat harim yefeifiya. Put your hand in mine, I am yours and you are mine. Hey, hey, Galila (girl from the Galil), beautiful girl of the mountains.
Slihkot Oded Lehrer Leah Goldberg Hebrew Haunting melody to match a haunting poem. One of my favorites.
Te acodras Sarah Judeo-spanish Song recollected by the Sephardic Italian Musicologist Liliana Treves Alcalay...published in "CANTI DELLA DIASPORA" (Diaspora's songs) Giuntina..Firenze (Florence) Italy
Thou Shall Love Debbie Friedman English
To the moon and back
Tog Eyns Tog Oys J. Bock S. Harnick Yiddish This is Sunrise Sunset in Yiddish