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Ladino Lyrics

te quero


Three flowers in a pot
one is white and one is blue.
the flower in the middle is red...
the beginning of a love

Aman Minnush

I'll jump in the sea
to take a fish for you
I'll leave seven brides
because I want to have you

I'll rise to the skies,
to the seven heavens.
I'll throw a golden dart
where my destiny lies.

Don't see that I look sallow
my cheeks used to be roses.
Love and unhappiness
brought me to this disaster.

Don't see that I'm singinig and dancing.
That's because I don't want to cry.
Either in a good or in a bad way
I want to pass away my time.

One fountain on front of another one,
I drank water and got wounded.
Girl, go and tell your mother
that I want you for myself.

Tres clavinas en un tiesto A Sephardic Turkish love song. "Aman" is like the Yiddish "Oy vey!" "Aman" is the Sephardic version of Haman, the villain in the book of Esther, who wanted to kill the Jews and ended up himself hung from a gibbet on Purim day. Kusun is a corrupted form of the Turkish word "kusum" (my love!) Sheker means "sweet" in Turkish. Minnush is the name of the girl


Added August 20th, 2000