Italian Lyrics

Shpil mir fidale, shpil a doine...
S'iz bakant shoyn do a yedn
Az s'hot Odem in gan-eden
Shoyn antdekt di mayse, di tshikave
Az badekt mit tsvey-dray bleter
Iber menshen, iber geter
Eybik vet regiren Mame-Chave.

Oy, epes hot zi aza koyach
Mer vi sechel, mer vi moyach
S'iz a blik, a rayts, aza min kishef.
Flamen beklech vi morelen
Lipen royte - shnirlech krelen,
Soydes zindike bahalt
In ir getlechen geshtalt.
Kocht dus blit vi a tsigayner,
Vayse perledike tseyner,
Broyst ir yugentlicher cheyn
Vi shampanyer vayn.

Ich hob dich lib
Ich hob dich lib
Ich hob dich lib, mayn kind, mit eyvarim ramach
Ich hob dich lib
Ich hob dich lib
Du bist bay mir in cholem glaych vi oyf der vach,
Oy epes zaynen dayne sheyne oygn
Azoy umedik fartsoygn
Shpritst fun zey a modner bren aroys.
Un als vos iz unz beyde azoy tayer
Vert geheyligt in a fayer
Ven di libe brent un lesht nisht oys.

In es shpilen di gefilen
Vi a lidl oyf a fidl,
Fin di felder, fin di zangen,
Fin frimorgens in fargangen
Zingen baymer, zingen blumen:
Zi vet kumen, zi vet kumen.
Doine - iz a mechaye
Doine - a yunger boym
Doine - di eybik-naye
Doine - mayn yungent-troym.
Doine - host mir farshikert
Mit getlechen getrank.
Lube mayne, dushe mayne
Ich bin dayne, du bist mayne.
Lyube morgen, lyube nechten,
Say tsum gutn, say tsum shlechten.
Hopa - di sheyne doine, hopa - dos sheyne lid,
Hopa - di sheyne doine, hopa - dos sheyne lid,
Ich hob dich lib, ich hob dich lib.



Play, fiddle, play. Play me a doina.
Everyone knows by now
That Adam in Paradise
Discovered that certain secret:
Covered only by a few leaves,
Reigning over men and gods
Forever there is a Mother-Eve.

She has this strange power,
Not knowledge or brains,
It's a look, a gesture, a spell.
Flaming cheeks, colored as plums
Red lips, like strings of coral;
Sinful secrets hidden
In her godlike body.
Her blood boiling, as a gypsy's
Her teeth, white as pearls,
Her youthful charm bubbling over
Like the best champagne.
I love you
I love you
I love you, child with all that is in me.
I love you
I love you
You are with me constantly, asleep or awake.
Oh, your beautiful eyes
Are so strangely fashioned
There's a flame leaping from them.
And all we both hold dear
Is sanctified in their fire
As love burns, unquenchably.

Our feelings play like tunes on the fiddle
Tunes of fields, of melodies,
Today's and yesterday's
Trees are sighing, flowers singing:
She'll be mine, she'll be mine.
Doina - my heart's libation
Doina - a sapling tree
Doina - the eternally young one
Doina - my childhood dream.
Doina - you have cast your spell
With every tender note.
Doina- you have made me drunk
With the wine of gods.
My love, my soul
I'm yours, you're mine.
Love - today, love - last night.
Love for good and love for bad.
Hopa - lovely doina, hopa - lovely song
Hopa - lovely doina, hopa - lovely song
I love you, I love you.

From, Theodore Bikel sings Yiddish Theatre and folk songs clip here from Rebbecca West's website and her album A Bisl Libe and a Bisele Glik


Added May 23rd, 2000