Di Verbe


H. N. Bialik

French Lyrics

Nit baytog un nit baynakht
Gey ikh arum fartrakht
Nit oyf barg un nit oyf tol
Shteyt a verbe fun amol

A g'virte a groise,
Iz di verbe, altzding veyst zi
Bay der verbe vel ikh vegn
Mayn bashertn take fregn

Un zi vet mir altz dertzeyln
Tzi mayn gelibter kumt fun Poyln
Tzi fun Lite, tzi fun Zamet
A bankir tzi a melamed

Tzi a blonder, a bruneter
A bokher tzi a gegeter
Un efsher gor an altn yidn
Bin ikh take nit tzufridn

Ikh vel zogn, tate, toyt mikh
Nor nit tzum shidakh neyt mikh
Oy, kh'vel dos nit oyshaltn
Kh'vil take nit kayn altn


Day and night, I wander deep in thought
Between a mountain and a valley
There stands a willow-tree

the willow tree is wise,
The willow knows everything
I will ask the willow whom I am to have for a husband

It will tell me everything:
Whether my beloved wil come from Poland
or from Lithuania
Or from some other place
It will tell me whether he is a banker or a teacher

It will tell me whether he is fair or dark-haired
A bachelor or a divorced man
or an old Jew -
but then I won't have him

I will say, "father, you may kill me,
But do not make me marry him.
I won't bear it.
I won't have an old man."

There is a recording of this song on Chava Alberstein's CD "Margaritkalech". I do not have the necessary software to add a real audio link, but thought this might be helpful for someone looking for an excellent version of this song. This is the Yiddish version of the song that is known in Hebrew as "Lo Vayom velo Balayla".


Added December 21st, 1999