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Yiddish Lyrics

In veldl baym taykhl, dort zaynen gevaksn
Margaritkelekh, elent un kleyn,
Vi kleyninke zunen mit vaysinke shtralen
Mit vaysinke tra-la-la-la

Gegangen is Khavele shtil un farholemt,
Tzelozn di gold-blonde tzep-
Dos heldzl antbloyzt un gemurmelt gezungen,
A lidele : tra-la-la-la

Do kumt ir antkegn a bokher a shvartzer
Mit lokn mit shvartze, vi pekh,
Er flamt mit di oygen un entfert ir lustik,
Un entfert ir: tra-la-la-la

-Vos zukhstu do, meydl, vos hostu farloren?
Vos vilstu gefinen in groz?
-Ikh zukh margaritkes, - farroytlt zikh Khave,
Farroytlt zikh, tra-la-la-la

-Du zukhst nokh? Un ikh hob shoyn take gefunen
Di shenste margaritke in vald,
A margaritke mit tzep un mit oygn safiren,
Mit eygelekh, tra-lalala

-Ikh hob shoyn margaritkes, ikh hob nor fargesn
Ikh zukh, do, nisht vayt, iz a kval.
-Der kval iz farshlyoshet, on mir blaybstu durshtik
Baym kvelkhele, tra-la-la-la

-Ikh vil gornisht trinken, ikh zukh zikh a shotns,
Di zun bakt arayn azoy heys...
-Mayne hor zaynen shvartser un kiler vi shotns
In veldele, tra-la-la-la

-O loz mikh, me tor nisht, di mame zogt, m'tor nisht,
Mayn mame iz alt un iz beyz
Vu mame? Vos mame? Do zaynen nor beymer,
Nor beymelekh, tra-la-lala

-Men zet - keyner zet nisht, - men hert - keyner hert nisht.
Dos veldl iz blind un gedikht,
Umarem mikh, zise, du zest,ikh bin ruyik,
Ikh kush dikh nor - tra la la la

-Du libst mikh? -Ikh lib dikh. -Du shemst zikh? -Ikh shem zikh.
To lib mikh, un shem zikh, un shvayg.
Un ze vi es mishn zikh pekh-shvartse kroyzn,
Mit goldene tra-la-la-la

Di zun is fargangen, der bokher farshvunden,
Un Khavele zitzt nokh in vald.
Zi kukt in dervaytens un murmelt farkholemt
Dos lidele: tra la la la


Deep in the woods there grow
Daisies small and hidden,
With stems so pale and petals white,
So white...tra la la la.

Little Chava wanders about as in a dream,
Her golden blond braids undone,
She moves about, seeking, and murmurs in thought
A little song...tra la la la.

A young man comes upon her, slim and handsome,
His eyes are black as coal,
There is a twinkel in his eye and gaily he answers
Her little song...tra la la la.

"What are you seeking my maiden, what have you lost,
What might you find in these woods?"
"I'm looking for daisies," Chavale blushes,
She blushes so...tra la la la.

"You are still seeking, my maiden, and yet I have found
The most beauteous daisy of all--
A daisy with braids and jewels for eyes,
Such eyes"...tra la la la.

"O tell me my maiden if one may stroke you,
If you will go hand in hand,
Perhaps one may kiss you or maybe embrace you,
Or perhaps even...tra la la la."

"Let me go, I must not, my mother says I must not,
She is angry, my mother, and old,"
"What mother, where mother, there's nothing but trees
And young ones"...tra la la la.

"You love me?" "I love you." "You are shy?" "I am shy."
"Love me then shyly and hush--"
And look how the golden locks mix with the dark ones--
With pitch black ones...tra la la la.

The sun has long gone and the young man gone too,
Still the girl sits alone in the woods,
Her look dreams afar and she murmurs in thought
A little song...tra la la la.

A beautiful song about a girl and guy in a field of margaritkelekh... You may interpolate the rest.


Added May 4th, 1999