Avre Tu Puerta

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Avre tu puerta cerrada
Que en tu balcon luz no hay
El amor a ti te vela (vola?)
Partemos mi flor (also: partemos rosa)
Partemos de aqui.

Yo demandi de la (por la) tu hermozura
Como te la dio el dio
La hermozura tuya es pura
La merezco solo yo.


Open your door.
On your balcony, there is no light
My love will fly up to you
Come with me, my flower (rose)
Come away with me

I asked about (for) your beauty
The beauty god gave you
It is pure-
Only I deserve it.

The clip here is by the talented and versatile singer Tanja Solnik http://www.jazzbank.com and then "musiques s pharades" "Avre tu puerta" sang the dashing Spanish troubadour in the 11th century and "Avre tu puerta" sang the Jerusalem Sephardic mother at the beginning of the 20th century [from the booklet to a CD by the Pavarim] There's a lovely recording of this by Lutz Elias - I forget the name of the album.


Added June 18th, 1999