Primavera en Salonico

Carl Orff

Primavera en Salonico

Ladino Lyrics

Primavera en Salonico,
halli al cafe Maslum,
una nina de ojos pretos
que canta y sona ud.

No me manques, tu Fortuna,
del cafe de Avram Maslum.
Tu quitas los muestros dertes,
que cantas y sonas ud.

El ud tomas en la mano
con gilves y con sacas.
Los tus ojos relucientes
a mi me hacen quemar.


In spring in Salonica,
I found at Mazloum's cafe
a dark-eyed lass
singing an playing the ud.

Don't go away from me, oh Fortuna,
from Abraham Mazlum's cafe.
You take away our sorrows
when you sing and play the ud.

You hold the ud in your hand
with such airs and grace.
Your eyes so bright
set me on fire.

This one is from the excellent album "Spring in Salonica - Popular Sephardic Songs with Savina Yannatou". Get it from /B000003VD7/qid% 3D1032443026/002-7396997-8907227 Salonica is in Greece by the way...


Added September 19th, 2002