Dos Zangl

Hirsh Glik

Hirsh Glik

Yiddish Lyrics

Blond bistu vi a zangl,
Sheyn vi der zun-fargangl,
Fir mikh durkh barg un tol,
Un ikh - dikh nokh a mol,
Biz mir veln zikh sheydn.

Un volt ir zen baym sheydn
In roze-shkiye beydn,
Lipn, vi merelekh,
Oygn, ful trerelekh,
Un beser gornisht reydn.

Her, meydl, mayn farlangl,
In rozn zun-fargangl,
Shver mir baym zunenshayn,
Az du vest mayne zayn, -
Un zi hot im geshvorn.

Un zi hot im geshvorn,
Purpur iz er gevorn,
Purpur vi der farlang,
Purpur vi zunfargang
Hinter di blonde korn.

In pastekhs fayfl-klangl
Lesht zikh der zun-fargangl,
Un in di himlen tif
Di levone - a zeglshif -
Iz shoyn aroysgegangen.

Iz zi zey nokhgegangen
Un shtern oysgehangen,
Un shtern iber di tsvey,
Un beymer tsvishn zey -
Shteyen vi khupe-shtangen.


You are blonde as a cornstalk, beautiful as the sunset.
Lead me over mountain and valley, and I'll follow you until we part.

At parting, in the rosy sunset, her lips were like carrots, her eyes full of tears.
It was better to be silent.
Listen, maiden, to my wish. In the rosy sunset,
Swear to me as the sun shines- that you'll be forever mine; and, she so swore.

As she so swore he blushed,-turned crimson like his desire,-turned crimson like the sunset,-behind the yellow corn.

Amid the shepherd's whistling, the sunset was extinguished.
And deep into the sky, the moon like a sailboat appeared

It followed them, hung the stars over them and the trees on either side of them
were like the poles of a wedding canopy.

Recorded 2002 on Mayn Oytser-My Treasure, released by the Sholom Aleichem Club, c/o The Sterling 1815 JFK Blvd., Apt. 811, Phila., Pa. 19103 Liner notes by Bob Freedman, director of Jewish Sound Archive, University of Pennsylvania: Dos Zangl (The Cornstalk) A sweet love poem written by the youthful Hirsh Glik while in a W.W.II labor camp. This time the poet likens the blonde of the cornstalk and the beauty of the sunset to that of his maiden. Imagery of nature is further evoked as the trees frame the stars like poles for a wedding canopy. Adding to the charm of the song is a play on words rhyming with "Zangl." That a poem of such love and hope could emerge in the midst of horrendous misery and persecution is a testament to the human spirit and its creativity.


Added May 31st, 2002