Mama yo no tengo visto


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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Mama yo no tengo visto
pasharo kon ojos mavis
ruvio como la canela
blanco como el jasmin

Quen es este pasharico
que en el mi salon entro
pircuro hacerse nido
al dentro de mi corazon

Asentada en mi ventana
lavorando el bastidor
haber muevo me trusheron
que el mi amor se desposo

Despozates mi querido
confiticos me enviaras
Comere con amargura
tambien con mucho llorar


Mama, I have not yet seen
a bird with such blue eyes,
blond as the caneel
white as the jasmin.

Who is that little bird
that entered my living-room
preparing to make himself a nest
in the middle of my heart.

Seated at the window
with needle work
The news was brought to me
that my beloved got engaged.

You received my beloved
and you will send me sweets.
I will eat them with bitterness
and also with many tears.

This song is given on a request in the guest book. There is an overlap with "Asentada en me ventana". The text is from a CD by Joaquin Diaz.


Added February 26th, 2001