Sheyn vi di Levone



Yiddish Lyrics

Sheyn vi di levone,
Likhtik vi di shtern,
Fun himl a matone,
Bistu mir tzugeshikt!
Mayn glik hob ikh gevunen,
Ven ikh hob dikh gefunen,
Sheyn vi toyznt zunen
Hot mayn hartz baglikt.

Dayne tzeyndlekh, vays vi perelekh,
Mit dayne sheyne oygn,
Dayne heyndelekh, dayne herelekh,
Hot mikh tzugetzoygn.


Der moykh is mir tzumisht,
Ikh gey arum tzukhisht,
Khveys aleyn nit vos ikh vil,
Ikh shem zikh, ikh bin royt.
Di tzung is bay mir toyt,
Ikh ken nit zogn, vos ikh vil,
Du bist arayn tzu mir,
In hartzn oyf kvartir.
Khtrakh vi tzu zogn dir,
Az du bist...



You are as beautiful a the moon,
you are as bright as the stars,
you have been sent to me from the heavens,
you are a gift from above.
I found my happiness when I saw you.
You made my heart happy - you are as beautiful as a

Your little teeth like pearls,
your fine eyes, your fingers, and your hair-
they all have captured me.

My head whirls, I am not myself.
I do not know what I want.
I am confused, my face is red.
I have lost my tongue -- it cannot say what I want to say.
You have settled in my heart foerever.
How shall I tell you about it?

To me, you are as beautiful as the moon, In fact as beautiful as a thousand suns. How shall I ever tell you about it? Israel Ghelman says: THE REFRAIN INCLUDES: Dayne tzeyndlekh, etc... "Sha-ynst" vi toyznt zunen "Host" mayn hartz baglikt. "Host" mikh tzugetzoygn Der moykh is mir "tzemisht", Ikh gey arum "tzekhisht", "Kh'trakht" vi tzu zogn dir


Added February 5th, 2020