Noches Noches

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Noches Noches

Noches noches buenas noches, noches son d'enamorar.
Ay que noches la mi madre que non son de arrivar
Dando bueltas por la cama, como'l pexe en la mar.


- Notches buenas, notches klaras,
notches son d'enamorar,
Ay ke notches la mi madre
ke no son d'arreyevar.

- Tres ermanikas eran
eyas todas tres en un andar;
Salto las mas tchikita d'eyas
i relumbro komo el kristal.

- Durmach, durmach mis donzeyas
i si durmich rekodrad :
Manyana vos azech vyejas
i pedrech la mosedad.


Nights, nights, good nights are nights to fall in love in.
Oh, these nights, mother, they don't come.
Tossing in my bed, like a fish in the sea.

There were three sisters
walking at once.
The youngest leapt
and shone like glass.

Sleep, sleep my maids
and if you sleep remember:
you shall turn old tomorrow
and lose your youth.

Love song before 1492, originaly 12th or 13th century. The second variant is from a CD by Dominique Thibaudat


Added May 19th, 2000