Avri tu puerta serrada



Judeo-spanish Lyrics


Avri tu puerta serrada
Ken tu balkrn dinguna luz aklara
Por el amor ke yo atl mi bella
Partiremos los dos, roza, de aki.

Esta ermozura tuya
Ke te la dio el Dio a ti
Ma esta ermozura pura tuya
No la merese otro mas ke mi.

Si es por agradarte
Na la mi sangre pronto por verter
Si la mi sangre no te puede konvenser
Na la mi muerte kon plazer

Por las kayes ke tu iras
De mi solombra te alumbraras
I ahes munchos travaras
Kuando de mi te akodraras


Open your closed door

Open your closed door
There is no light in your balcony
For the love I have bound to you my beauty
Let us both leave, my rose, from here.

This beauty of your
Is given by the Lord to you
But this pure beauty
Nobody can deserve it, but me

If to please you
Here is my shed blood
And if my blood cannot convince you
Heres my death, with pleasure

On the roads you will walk
My shadow will make you shine
You will suffer lots of sorrows
When you will remember me.

I only knew the first two verses of this song, the famous "Avre tu". Lately I found this version on a very good book written by Matilda Koen-Sarano "Vini Kantaremos".The last two verses prove that the love of the "poet" is far more tragic than the one revealed by the first two more popular verses. I guess during the centuries, mothers (including mine), singing the song as a lullaby, cut the final verses in order to avoid the "bloodshed", to children!!


Added July 8th, 2001