A Libe Iz An Umglik

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Yiddish Lyrics

Oy, a libe iz an umglik oyf der velt.
Tsu vemen zi falt nor arayn.
Es kost op fil kokhes un gelt.
Tsi ken mir den erger zayn?
Tsu vos hot mir getoygt tsu visn.
A libe oyf der velt tsu brengen?
Mayn harts vert mir oysgerisn,
Durch a libe ken men zikh nokh

Oy, a libe ven zi firt zikh glaykh,
Un eltern shtern zey nit,
Iz nishto keyn besere zakh,
Vi dos iz tsuker zis.
Haynt zitsn mir beyde oyf a bank,
Tsu morgns tustu avekforn,
Fun hartsveytik bin ikh shoyn krank,
Oy, vey tsu mayne yorn.


Love is a misfortune in the world
To whomever it befalls
It costs you plenty in strength and money
Can anything be worse?
What good did it do me
To have such a great love?
My heart is being ripped out
Through love you can hang yourself

O love when it goes smoothly
When the parents dont interfere--
Theres nothing better
It's sugar sweet
Today we are both sitting on a bench
Tomorrow you have to go away
Im already sick with heartache
O, woe is me

Jacob Schaefer has done an arrangement of this.


Added February 6th, 2004