Mayn Mirl (Maria) - from West Side Story

Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim

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American Lyrics

Mayn Mirl,
Bakent hob ikh zikh mit mayn mirl
Ir nomen, vi gezang
Vi zise harfn klang ikh shver

Mayn Mirl,
In zis iz a kish fin mayn mirl
In himl bald ikh shvayb
Kh'hob vider oyfgelaybt
Ikh shver

Mayn Mirl,
S'iz ir kol, vi muzik, tsart, a shtile
Ven zi redt, dakht zikh mir s'iz a tfile
Mayn Mirl, kh'vel eybik nor libn
Mayn Mirl!


I just met a girl named Maria,
and suddenly that name
will never be the same to me.

I just kissed a girl named Maria
and suddenly I've found
how wonderful a sound can be!

Say it loud and there's music playing -
Say it soft, and it's almost like praying
Maria - I'll never stop saying Maria!

Yiddish version of the West Side Story song "Maria". <p> You can find


Added September 13th, 1999