Papir Iz Doch Vays

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Yiddish Lyrics

Papir iz dokh vays un tint iz dokh shvarts
Tsu dir mayn zis-lebn tsit dokh mayn harts.
Ikh volt shtendig gezesn dray teg nochanand
Tsu kushn dayn sheyn ponim un tsu haltn dayn hand
Nekhtn baynacht bin ikh oyf a khasene geven,
Fil sheyne meydelech hob ich dort gezen.
Fil sheyne meydelech - tsu dir kumt nisht gor-
Mit dayn shvartse eygelech un dayn shvartse hor.
Akh du liber Got, her oys mayn farlang
Dem oysher gistu kovid, mit a sheynem gang-
Oy mir gib a shtibele oyf dem groz dem grinem
Az ikh mit mayn zis-lebn zoln voynen drinen.


Paper is white and ink is black
My heart is drawn to you, my sweet-life
I could sit for three days one after another
Just kissing your sweet face and holding your hand
Last night I went to a wedding
And I saw many pretty girls there.
Many pretty girls, but none of them can compare to you
With your beautiful black eyes and raven black hair
Deares God, hear my plea
To the rich you give honor and an easy path
But I ask only for a little house on a grassy green
In which my true love and I can dwell.

You can find this song on Mandy Patinkin's CD Mamaloshen sheet music here:


Added June 18th, 1999