Hey, Tsigelekh (Hey, Little Goats)

Mordechay Gebirtig

Mordechay Gebirtig

Yiddish Lyrics

Hey Tsigelekh, kumt aher tsu mir geshvind
A sheyn lidele vel ikh oyfzingen aykh atsind
Fun a pastekhl heybt dos lidele zikhon
Un a meydele vos hot kishef im geton

Hey tsigelekh, hert vos vayter iz geshen:
Lustik, lebedik iz a mol a s'pastekhl geven
Haynt vu umetik, kukt di shefelekh nisht on
benkt nokhn meydele vos hot kishef im geton

Hey tsigelekh, hert fun lidele dem sof
Vi yesoymimlekh blondzhen itst zayne bidne shof,
Tif in taykhele ligt dos pastekhl nokh haynt
Un dos meydele zitst baym vaserl un veynt


Hi, little goats, come here uqickly
I will now sing you a pretty song:
It begins with a shepherd and a girl that bewitched him

Hi, little goats, hear what happened:
The shepherd was once cheerful and lively
Now he is sad, does not glance at hte sheep,
but yearns for the girl who bewitched him.

Hi, little goats, listen to the end of the song:
Like orphans his poor flock wanders about.
The little shepherd lies deep in the lake
and the girl sits by the water and cries

A sad song about a shepherd boy's longing for a pretty girl. <p>You can h


Added September 13th, 1999