Por una Ninya


Ben-Zaken, Steinberg

Ladino Lyrics

Por una ninya tan ermoza
l'alma yo la vo a dar
un kuchiyo de dos kortes
en el korason entro.

No me mires ke'sto kantando
es yorar ke kero yo
los mis males son muy grandes
no los puedo somportar.

No te lo kontengas tu, ijika,
ke sos blanka komo'l simit,
ay morenas en el mundo
ke kemaron Selanik.


For a beautiful girl
I would give my soul
a double-edged knife
pierced my heart.

Don't look at me singing,
crying is what I want to do,
my sorrow is so great
I can't bear it.

Don't hold your sorrow, young girl,
for you are white like bread,
there are brunette girls in the world
who set fire to Salonika.

trl. R. Romero
There is a similar translation by Etty Ben-Zaken in the CD

This song from Sofia, Bulgaria appears in Ben-Zaken-Steinberg's The Bride Unfastens her Braids, The Groom faints Ladino Love Songs CD with the Ensemble Yatan Atan. This is one of my favorite songs. Does anyone know more versions of this song or more stanzas?


Added October 16th, 2002