Pasharo d'emozura

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Ladino Lyrics

En una caza rika
vide una hijika
//de anyos era chika
le declari l'amor.//

Sali delantre d'eya
ermoza komo astreya
//ya me sendiuo cont'eya
sin tener piadad.//

Un pasharo bolando
mi korason yorando
//el me dejo aspernado
sin tener piadad.//


In a rich house
I see a maiden
young in age
and I declared my love [to her].

I came before her,
[she is]so beautiful like a star.
i came sat [close] to her
with out pitty,

A bird was flying
while my hart crying
he left me there waiting
he didn't have pitty on me.

The title of this song is translated, A BEAUTIFUL BIRD. And it's a beaut


Added July 7th, 2004