Fel Shara

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Fel Shara canet betet masha
la signorina aux beaux yeux noirs
como la luna etait la sua facia
qui eclairait le boulevard

Volevo parlar shata metni
because her father was a la gare
y con su umbrella darabetni
en reponse a mon bonsoir

Perche' my dear tedrabini
kuando yo te amo kitir
and if you want tehebini
il n'y a pas lieu de nous conquerir

Totta la notte alambiki
et meme jusqu'au lever du jour
and every morning ashtanaki
pour le voue de notre amour...


The beautiful girl with black eyes walked in the
street...her face shined like the moon and lighted all the
boulevard. I wanted to speak with her...but she insuted me
because her father was in the station...nswering to my
greeting she beat me with her umbrella. Why did you hit
me..my love? You know that I love you so much..If you want
to show me your love we haven't any other way to meet us!
I'll wait for you all the night till the sunrise..and the
same the day after..till our love will triumph!

This a Sephardic Turkish "Joke-Song".(A Cabaret Song) The text is a mixt of arabic..italian..french..english and ladino. There is a story that a group of sailors were sitting around a table in a bar and each of them added a part of the song in their native tongue. Arabic: Fel shara canet betet masha/shata metni/tedrabini/kitir/tehebini/alambiki/ashtanaki Italian: la signorina/la sua facia/volevo parlar/perche'/totta la notte French: aux beaux yeaux noirs/qui eclairait le boulevard/a la gare/en reponse a mon bonsoir/il n'y a pas lieu de nous conquerir/et meme jusq'au lever du jour/pour le voeu de notre amour English: because her father/ombrella/my dear/ and if you want/and every morning/ Ladino: Como la luna/y con su../ kuando te amo It is sung to the tune of the traditional Turkish "Uskadara."


Added August 20th, 2000