Atoor Meetzkhekh

Yoni Rechter

Avraham Khalfi

Hebrew Lyrics


Atoor meetzkhekh zahav shakhor.
Eynenee zokher eem katvoo kakh be'sheer,
Akh meetzkhekh meetkharez eem eynayeem ve'or.
(Eynenee zokher eem kharzoo kakh besheer)
Akh lemee shteehyee
Khayav mle'ey sheer.

Khalookekh ha'varod tzamreeree varakh.
At bo meet'atefet tameed le'et layeel
Lo hayeetee rotzeh leehyot lakh akh,
Lo nazeer meetpalel leedmooto shel mal'akh,
Ve'ro'eh khalomot agoomeem shel kdoosha,
Oo'l'moolo at, eesha.

At ohevet leehyot atzoova veshoteket,
Lehaksheev leseepoor al karov, al rakhok.
Va'anee, she'lo pa'am abeet bakh besheket,
Eyn kol oo'dvareem,
Shokhe'akh hakol odot akhereem.

Shokhenet nafshee beyn kotley beytekh,
Oo'shvooya beyn ktalayeekh meemenee neefredet,
Et anee begoofekh neefrad meemekh.
Paroos khalomee kemarvad leraglayeekh.
Tza'adee, ahoova, al prakhav pseeotayeekh.
Leevshe khalookekh havarod l'et layeel.
Od me'at ve'avo elayeekh.



Your brow is crowned with black gold.
I don't remember if it has been written thus in song.
You forehead rhymes with eyes and light.
(I don't remember if it has been rhymed thus in song.)
But to whomever you'll belong,
His life is filled with light.

Your pink robe is wooly and soft.
You wrap yourself in it always at night.
I wouldn't want to be a brother to you,
Nor a monk praying to the image of an angel,
And seeing gloomy dreams of holiness.
And facing him, you, woman.

You love to be sad and silent,
To listen to a story about near and far.
And I, who often watch you quietly,
Voiceless and wordless,
Forget all about others.

My soul dwells between the walls of your house
And, trapped between your walls, departs from me,
In a time when I, in body, depart from you.
My dream is spread like a carpet at your feet.
Tread, beloved, on its flowers.
Wear your pink robe at night.
Soon I will come to you.


Added January 12th, 2001