Tres hermanicas eran The melody of this love song is found also in "Shalosh hen b'not Hapele".
Tsipele Glatshteyn, Yisroel (1894-1942) Broderzon, Moyshe (1890-1955) Yiddish All Tsipele wants is a little kiss!
Tsu Shpet Listed as Berman-Ward Henry Berman Yiddish Written in 1939. Exactly who wrote the music, is still unclear. Berman's daughter, Lucille, claims Nicky Grabowski, a pianist who worked at Moskowitz and Lupowitz with Berman, wrote the tune. It may have been composed "by ear" by Berman/Grabowski and then transcribed/arranged by Samuel Windish (professional name, Sam Ward). This song was also covered by the Barry Sisters and was, as far as I know the only commercially realeased song by Henry Berman (1945).
Tumba Yiddish This song is also known under the name "Oyfn Oyvn Zitst A Meydl" <p>The
Tumbalalayka Unknown Unknown Yiddish The Yiddish words are well known - a young man wants to choose a bride and asks her some riddles, which she answers with flair, while calling him silly. Some versions use "farshteyn" ('understanding') instead of "a shteyn" ('a stone').
Umru Mayne Yitskhok Yanasovitsh Moyshe Leyb Halpern Yiddish
Una Matica de Ruda traditional Judeo-spanish clip here from The Art of Judeo- Spanish Song In the translation of the last stanza, I put words in parentheses that are not part of the literal translation but would explain the meaning better to an American audience that lacks the cultural context to understand "like an apple and a lemon" to be a complimentary erotic description! Submitted by Shana Winokur: [email protected] Another comment: This, one of the most popular of all Sephardic wedding songs, has survived in nearly all the Sephardic colonies, with very diverse tunes. All of the different versions feature one basic element which never changes: the wine rue twig, which deflects the "evil eye" and is therefore meant to bring the newly weds luck.
Una Noche Al Bodre De La Mar Uknown Ladino This is a very beautiful sephardic song from Bulgary.
Una Noche Al Borde De La Mar Judeo-spanish I know this song with the title "Falso amor". I heard it in a CD..sung by Loretta Dora Gerassi (Bulgaria-Israel) "Inedit..Chants judeo-espagnoles de la Mediterranee orientale.. Maison des Cultures du monde 101 BD Raspal 75006 PARIS-FRANCE
Una Noche Al Lunar Folk Folk Ladino This is a lovely song, very understated - should be sung with a knowing smile. The tradition of such lyrics relates to some of De Falla's 'siete canciones', especially the first one, which, through vast understatement, talks of an innocent cloth at a windowsill- but a cloth that alas, has a flaw in it (hence 'lost it's virginity').
Una noche al bodre de la mar Judeo-spanish Version of "Una noche al bodre de la mar" from a CD by Rondinella
Vos toyg mir der Sheyner Vayngorten Yiddish
Vu Iz Dos Gesele? Unknown Uknown Yiddish A yiddish version of the text can be found in Uriel Weinreich's introductio
Yesh Li Gan M. Nardi Ch. N. Bialik Hebrew this beautiful love song appears on Ofra Haza's CD Shirey Moledet (a highly recommended recording!)
Yo Boli Judeo-spanish clip here from <a href="
Yo menamore dun aire Judeo-spanish Yo m'enamore d'un aire This song is found on most of the CDs with love songs. The same melody is with "Tsel lo tsel".
Yo m'enamori d'un Aire
Yokh Chokh Chokhl (as sung by Barry Sisters) Yiddish
Yome, Yome Unknown Unknown Spanish A playful song about a daughter who only wants one thing, that her mother
Yosl Yosl Nellie Casman Samuel Shteinberg English The clip here is beautifully sung by Connie Francis. "Yosl, Yosl" is the story of a young woman who is desperately in love with Yosl (Joseph) but is forced to marry someone else.
Zic ikh afn shtejn Yiddish Ain't it nice?!
Zug Es Mir Nukhamol Abraham Ellstein Jacob Jacobs Yiddish Clip here from Klezamir's recording <a href="
ergets shtil Leyb Naydus (1890-1918) and Mani Leyb (1883-1953) Yiddish
honikzaft lorin sklamberg lorin sklamberg Yiddish Music by Frank London Words adapted from Song of Songs by Lorin Sklamberg