La roza linda



Judeo-spanish Lyrics

La roza linda salir a la mar
Ay Sarica linda y hermozica
traeme agua

No te puedo yo traerte agua
Soy descalza
me cayo' roziyo yo me voy velar

Quite galechas mete sapatos
Si el Dio' Grande el me ayuda
yo te voy mercar sapatos del capan

No me prema mi que me merques tu
Padre tengo mercader muy grande
El me mercara' sapatos del capan


The beautiful rose came out of the sea
Ah Sarica my lovely bring me some water
i can't bring you water
My stocjings came off
the dew gave me a chill
and I'll catch cold
Take off your wooden shoes
God is great. He will help me
and I will buy shoes for you
I don't need you to buy shoes for me
Papa is a great merchant
and he'll buy shoes for me !

A song from Turkey


Added September 20th, 2000