Por la tu puerta yo pasi

Turkish sephardic anonymous

Turkish Sephardic anonymous

Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Por la tu puerta yo pasi,
Te vida asentada
La llevadura y bezi
Como bezarlas tus caras.
Aman, aman, g|l pembe, g|l pembe
Ne bu g|zellik sende.

No te nieges que tu bezi,
Te tengo y abrasado.
Como 'I ducado en el sarraf,
Te tengo culaneado.
Aman, aman...

Ojos pretos tienes tu,
Por los mavis me muero.
Cuando veyo los vedrolis,
Cavo foya y m'enterro.
Aman, aman...


I passed by your door
and found you sitting.
I kissed the latch
as though I were kissing your cheeks.
O, o, pink rose,
how beauriful you are.

Do not repel me when I kiss you,
I hold and embrace you.
Like ducats in the coffer,
I hold and keep you.
O, o,o...

You have black eyes,
I die for blue.
When I see green,
I dig a hole and bury myself.
O, o, o...

I heard this sung in Los Angeles of all places, by an old man who was selling bourekas in an open-air market. Seeing my dark complexion, he immediately addressed me in Spanish. "This is an old Mexican air," he said. "No it isn't," I responded in Hebrew, "it is Ladino!" We laughed. It turned out he was a Turkish Jew who had brought this song with him, as well as his recipe for bourekas, from all the way over there, and was peddling them both to the local Hispanic population with some success!


Added June 6th, 2000