Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942)

Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942)

Yiddish Lyrics

shteyt zikh dort in gesele,
shtil fartrakht a hayzele.
drinen oyfn boydem-shtibl
voynt mayn tayer reyzele
yedn ovnt farn hayzl
drey ikh zikh arum
kh'gib a fayf un ruf oys:
"reyzl, kum, kum, kum!"

efnt zikh a fentsterl
vakht oyf s'alte hayzele
un bald klingt in shtiln gesl
a zis kol, s'redt reyzele:
-- nokh a vayle vart, mayn liber,
bald vel ikh zayn fray,
gey zikh nokh a por mol iber;
eyns, tsvey, dray.

gey ikh mir a freylekher,
zing un knak mir niselekh,
her ikh oyf di treplekh shpringen
ire drobne fiselekh.
shoyn arop fun letstn trepl,
kh'nem zi lib arum,
kh'gib ir shtil a kush in kepl -
kum kum kum!

kh'vel dir zogn, Dovedl,
zolst aroyf nit fayfn mer.
-- her, er fayft shoyn -- zogt di mame
zi iz frum; s'fardrist zi zer.
fayfn, zogt zi, iz nit yidish;
past es bloyz far zey.
gib a tseykhn prost oyf yidish,
eyns, tsvey, dray!

kh'vel aroyf nit fayfn mer;
deroyf gib ikh a shvuele.
dir tsulib vel ikh afile
vern frum, mayn tsnuele
vel ikh vern frum, mayn reyzl,
vi di mame frum,
yedn shabes geyn in klayzl.
kum kum kum!

kh'gloyb es dir mayn libenker,
d'rum dafar dir dovidl
strikh ikh a sheyn tsviln-zekl
mit a mogn-dovidl
ven gefaln s'vet in klayzl
zogn zolst du zey
"dos hot gestrikt mayn libe rayzl
eyns, zvey, dray!"

a dank far der matonele;
ikh lib azoy dikh reyzele,
ikh lib dos gesl, lib di mame,
lib dos alte hayzele.
lib di treplekh fun dem hayzl;
geyst oyf zey arum.
her, di mame ruft shoyn, Reyzl!
kum kum kum.

gey ikh mir a freylekher,
zing un knak mir niselekh,
her ikh af di treplekh loyfn
ire drobne fiselekh.
vider shteyt fartrakht dos gesl,
s'hayzl vider shtum.
kum tsu mir in kholem, reyzl,
kum, kum, kum!


standing there on the street
a house, tranquil and contemplative
inside in the attic apartment
lives my darling Rosie
every evening in front of the house
I hang around about
a whistle up and call out
"Rosie, come, come, come"

A little window opens up
the old house awakens
and soon resounding in the quiet street
a sweet voice, it's Rosie saying,
wait a little my love,
soon I'll be free
walk around a little bit more
one, two, three

so I walk around happy
singing, cracking open nuts
hearing springing down the stairway
her sweet little feet
barely off the last step
I take her sweetly in my arms
I kiss her softly on her sweet head
come, come, come

Now let me tell you David dear
don't you whistle up no more
"listen to him whistle" says my Mama
she's religious, it bothers her so.
Whistling, says she, isnt Jewish,
that's just something for them.
give me a signal just in Yiddish
one, two, three

i won't be whistling up no more
To that I make a little oath
for your sake I will even
be pious my devout dear
I'll be pious, my little Rosie,
devout just like your Mom,
going to shul every sabbath
come, come, come

I believe you, my darling,
and for this reason, David,
I'll knit you a pair of tsvillen
with a star of david.
If they like it in shul,
then you should tell them:
"My dear Rosie knitted it for me,
one, two, three!"

thank you for the little gift
I love you so much Rosie dear
I love your street I love your Mama
I love your little old house
I love the stairway of the house
that you go up and down
listen, your Mama's calling now
come, come, come

so I walk around happy
singing, cracking open nuts
hearing springing down the stairway
her sweet little feet
again the street is contemplative
the house is still once more
come into my dream, dear Rosie,
come, come, come!

translated by Ben Schapiro [email protected]

This is a warm song about a young man's love for his Reyzele. Note on translations: Yiddish can add "-l" to make a diminutive, which implies tenderness. "Dovidl" means "sweet David," "gesl" (from "ges", street) is "sweet little street. The ending "ele" is the same thing, only more so: thus Reyzl, Reyzele. Translation for verse six, minor corrections by Alexander Maxwell. The real audio file of this song is from "The Yiddish Dream" CD, a wonderful compilation of Yiddish songs. Click here to find out more about the CD.


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