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Hebrew Lyrics

Shecharchoret yikre'uni
tsach hata uri.
Rak milahat shemesh kayitz
Ba li shechori.

yafya/t kol-kach
be'eynayich esh bo'eret
libi kulo shelach.

Shecharchoret yikre'uni
kol yordei hayam
Im od pa'am yikre'uni
chish elech itam.

Shecharchoret yikre'eni
ben le'av molech.
Im od pa'am yikre'eni
acharav elech.


The dark one" they call me,
but my skin was white.
Only from the fire of summer sun
came my dark complexion.

O dark one,
you are indeed beautiful.
In your eyes a fire burns.
My heart is all yours.

The dark one" they call me,
all the seafarers.
If they call me once again
I shall join them.

The dark one" he calls me,
the prince.
If he calls me once again,
I shall follow him.

this is the Hebrew version of the Ladino song "Morenika".


Added August 17th, 2000