Du Zolst Nisht Geyn Mit Keyn Anderinke Meydelekh (Don't You Dare Go Out with Other Girls)

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Yiddish Lyrics

Du zolst nisht geyn mit keyn anderinke meydelekh
Du zolst geyn nor mit mir
Du zolst nisht geyn tzu dayn mamele in shtibele
Nor kumen zolstu tzu mir

Vu iz dos gesele, vu iz dos shtibele
Vu iz dos ingele, vos ikh hob lib?
Nishto dos gesele, nishto dos shtibele
Dos ingele, vos ikh hob lib

A libe fangt zikh on fun a shmeykhl
Fun a shmeykhl biz tzu a kush
Es nemt avek baym klugsten dem sheykhl
Dos klugste meydl makht dos tzu nisht


I won't have you go about with other girls,
You must only go about with me
Do not go and see your mother
You must come and see me, only me

Where is the little street, where is the little house
Where is the lad who is so dear to me?
The little street is gone, the little house is gone
Gone is the lad who is so dear to me

Love starts with a smile, then a kiss follows
Love can make the wisest lad foolish,
And it makes the wisest girl forget herself


Added July 19th, 2002