Avre este abajour bijou

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Avre este abajour bijou,
Avre la tu ventana,
Por ver tu cara morena,
al Dio dare mi alma.

Por la tu puerta yo pasi
Y la topi [encontri] cerrada.
La lavedura yo bezi,
Como bezar tu cara.

No quiero mas que me hables
ni por mi puerta passes;
mas antes me querias bien
angora te yelates

Si tu de mi t'olvidaras,
Tu hermozura piedraras!
Ningun niqo t'endeqara[s]
En los mis brasos mueras.


Open your closed door
open your closed door
open your window
to see your brown face
I will give my soul to God

I passed by your door
I found it was closed
the keyhole I kissed

as though to kiss your face
Don't speak to me anymore
Or pass by my door
you loved me much before
.... ... .... ... ....

if you will forget about me
you will lose all your beauty
you will have no children
for in my arms you will die

This cantiga belongs to the popular love songs in which the door, the window, or the balcony is a symbol. There is an overlap with "Por la puerta yo pasi"


Added April 11th, 2001