Jo Hanino

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

*Yo hanino, tu hanina
Mos tomaremos las dos
Los chikos ke moz nasen
Komo la luna i el sol.
Muchas gracias manseviko
Ke man dates koredor
Aman, Aman

*Ortografya "Aki Yerushalayim".


I am handsome
You are pretty
We will get married
And the children born to us
will look like the moon
and the sun

Thank you young man
For sending me a matchmaker
Amen, Amen

Correction to some of the words: Tomaremoz (will get married, nasen (born), manseviko (young man), mandates (send). The version I know adds up a couple of lines before Aman, Aman: Munchas paras mi demandas non me acheta mi senyor You are asking for too much (dowry) money and my father does not accept (your proposal) sheet music here: http://m wnsax/jo.pdf clip here from


Added August 17th, 2000